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What's the inciting incident, plot point 1, and mid-story reversal of The Hunger Games?

Just wondering if anyone can identify those three aspects of The Hunger Games - the catalyst (inciting incident) plot point 1 and mid-point reversal.


This is not homework, I'm an aspiring writer and want to make sure I've identified some of the concepts

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    The inciting incident would be when Prim's name is chosen in the reaping and Katniss takes her place. Since an inciting incident is the point that introduces the main conflict in a book the point in which Katniss finds out she must compete in the Hunger Games would be it. This could also be seen as the first plot point, but if your not counting that then when Peeta and Katniss get Haymitch to agree to train them would be the next one. The mid-story reversal takes place when the new rule is announced that players form the same districts can win a joint title and Peeta and Katniss team up.

    Source(s): My copy of the Hunger Games and way too many time filler papers in English class.
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    I introduce the inciting incident in my second or third chapter. I do not really like it when it takes place right away, because I think the readers should have the right to gather some background information before the action starts piling in. For example: The first Harry Potter book. The first chapter is explaining his life living with his mean aunt, uncle, and cousin. It kind of makes the character feel sorry for Harry so they want to know what else happens to brighten up his life. Hope this *kind of* helped! - WritingLikeAlways:) P.S. Though, I like how sometimes prolouges start with the inciting incident, so you want to read more and figure out what happens. Having the inciting incident in your prolouge is a good hook.

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    I'm not doing your homework for you!


    haha good luck!

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