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binks asked in Computers & InternetSecurity · 1 decade ago

Computer won't boot windows and shows the infamous "blue screen of death".?

So about 3 weeks ago my grandpa's computer wouldn't boot up, it would turn on and then go to the blue screen of death. He simply restarted it and it would then work, but as time went on, it became progressively worse until the point where it would not boot windows at all and would only show the blue screen. He took it to a computer repair shop (a small independent one) and it will cost 180 to fix because they said that the "computer would no longer boot windows". Does anyone know why this would be? I doubt he would get a virus because his computer usage is 100% playing solitare, checking bank accounts, checking stocks and interests rates, and simple google searches.


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    Maybe your grandpa has been secretly surfing porn sites?

    In all seriousness it sounds like you'll have to re-install the operating system scratch (assuming there isn't a hardware problem). Have him back up any necessary files and use your recovery/install disk to re-install the OS.

    You could also try an easy to use Linux distro like Ubuntu or Kubuntu which would 1) get his computer working again and fully functional and 2) make his computer almost completely immune from other viruses. Definitely try a live CD before installing to make sure it will work.

    $180 seems pretty steep to repair a PC unless the hardware is shot.

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    once you're as vast as Microsoft and characteristic rather not opposition, your do not could desire to spend a lot of time making specific your equipment is computer virus unfastened. If abode windows crashes to the element the place it may now not get well by way of reloading the offending data a DOS errors message seems offering all forms of completely ineffective guidance for the common person. Microsoft is attempting to impact you that it cares, yet all of us understand they could not care much less. Why could desire to they? you are able to not circulate to the laptop shop and purchase a greater effective equipment. some readers will say that's rubbish, in basic terms load Linux quite. nicely in basic terms circulate forward and attempt. I doubt that any application on your problematic disk will artwork, extraordinarily your photographs classes and video games. so which you may desire to stay with the Blue show of loss of life because of the fact after 12 years of attempting, Microsoft nevertheless can not get abode windows to do what this is predicted to do. are not getting me incorrect, Linux is dazzling, however the mainstream application builders won't produce classes for it. till they do, Microsoft regulations!

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    gg nub.

    Seriously though your screwed and I have no idea what to do, sorry.

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