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what is better sumo glue or gorilla glue?

I have a bb gun and a piece inside broke. I need to very powerful glue to fix it because it is the part of the gun that is used to cock it. It needs to be strong because it is going to have continuous pressure on it each time i cock it and it needs to be able to be strong enough to push down a fairly large spring. Also i heard gorilla glue foams up, and that would not be good because after i glue it, i need to stick it into a cylinder tube and it needs to be able to fit and it might not if it foams up.

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    Sumo Glue may be a polyurethane glue like Gorilla Glue (so very very strong), but some of the info I found comparing the two say that SG doesn't foam up or much, where GG does.

    However, when using GG the parts are supposed to be clamped or weighted together and the excess glue should be wiped away in the first few minutes of curing. GG is incredibly strong though and will hold most anything to anything, but it's possible that SG is as strong and just doesn't foam--or maybe not.

    Read these comparisons between them for more info:


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