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What would you find behind the counter of a pharmacy?

pill containers and caps, syringes, what other things like that

thank you

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    Prescription medication, pseudoephedrine, pharmacists, technicians, interns, pill trays, spatulas, bottle labels, warning labels, ovals, caps, syringes, diabetic testing supplies (lancets, meters, strips), refrigerator, thermometer, clock, computers, bags, distributor totes, vials, pens, filed prescriptions, c ii cabinet, pharmacist license, pharmacy dea number, 222 forms, a sign saying "your prescription will be substituted to a bioequivalent generic if possible", chairs, invoices, ice packs, record of last inspection, lab coats, mortar and pestle, graduated cylinders, c ii inventory, continuing education quiz, pharmacists letter, patriot act description, video cameras, lunch, California folders, rubber bands, drug branded stapler and clip board, credit card numbers, fax machine, plan b, special product orders, name tags, paper clips, microwave, power of attorney forms, returns to stock, hazardous materials bin, plastic forks and knives, vacuum cleaner (with pills in the bag).

    I really should get to bed...

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    Weird question...

    Pills and other drugs, and the boxes they come in. Probably some counters, scales, and other supplies.

    Many pharmacies also have a panic button they press if they're being robbed, kind of like the bank.

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    Many different drugs

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