I have a Linksys BEDCMU10 v2 cable modem, and my internet provider uses DOCSYS 3.0. Anyway to use the modem?

I am currently renting a Webstar modem, but it keeps resetting, and Charter Communications is trying to get me to upgrade the rental to a better modem (for just $15 more a month o_O). However, if I can get this one to work, I'd much rather do that. They suggest you use a DOCSYS 3.0 modem. Basically, I have a 10Mbps plan, and am pulling 13Mbps (despite the dampener the tech installed in the box outside). This is causing lag and disconnections. Anyone have suggestions?


Yeah, I figured they were pulling my leg. They also wanna sell me basic cable for $5 a month, which I found out from the tech who was out here that we should already be getting 'cause they can't really block it. He kinda slipped, then tried to backpedal about theft of services and whatnot. But yeah, this is why I'm trying to get my own modem. I pay too much to keep dropping signal. At it's worst, 5 times an hour of complete disconnect.

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    Ok wait wait wait...someone is pulling your leg...$15 bucks more?...I don't think so. If you have 10 megs already, just upgrade the modem at your local office. There won't be a change in price at all. We're trying to get rid of all docsis 1 and 2 modems so eventually everyone can go beyond 60 megs of speed if they choose to

    And you get 13 megs cus it's our new powerboost, which gives you an extra push when you download something.

    Source(s): I work there.
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