ideas for a short story for drama class? (10 points for the best story )?

ok oo i need ur ideas for a short story for drama class

the story must only hav three characters all fighting over the same thing (ex. three kids fightin over a toy)

but the problem in the story must get worse and then get even worse and then be solved

make it as dramtic as possiable

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    1 decade ago
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    I can come up with a a couple ideas and yet you can't? Do you have an imagination, or have you been deprived of books, movies, and TV shows?

    The plot can be about how a Jew, and American, and a Russian KBG member are assigned to go on a mission and retrieve a treasure chest for a mob impresario, who happens to be very fat. The prize is 20 million dollars to the one that can get it first. The three compete and go to great lengths because all three want the money. They beat each other up, throw each other down some... hills and cliffs and what not, and then in the end, when all three are about to kill each other, they find the treasure, open the box and realize that it's filled with McDonald's Happy meal Toys. No wonder the mobster was so fat, he likes to eat Happy Meals. Then they realize that they were fooled and this treasure was not worth fighting over so much and they all became friends and the end.

    If you don't like it, just do a spin off of some TV show. Or just rewrite a book but change stuff so it looks original.

  • pierro
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    4 years ago

    A lonely lady seems after a cat in her exterior. One night she needs for somebody to maintain her from her abusive father, and sees a capturing famous individual. interior the morning the cat has become a prince in shining armor and takes her away into the sundown. Play up the cliches, and ensure you comprise a picture that shows the cat and the prince are the comparable being. Your instructor will like it. while you're making the action picture, deliver me a hyperlink!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    How about three guys fighting over a girlfriend, they fight too long and all three guys lose the girl.

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