I got my license the other day and I hit another car what do you think the judge will do?

I was driving down a street the other day ( it wasn't all that busy btw). While i was driving I hit some black ice and as much as I slammed on my brakes my car wouldn't stop. I unfortunately hit another car it was a big truck. The truck did not have an ounce of damage but my car is pretty smashed up. i got a ticket for the accident and am going to court in a few weeks. I'm sixteen and just got my license a few days ago. I only had one person in the car with me and i didn't have any distractions. We were both wearing our seat belts an the radio wasn't even on. I really am a good and smart kid. What do you think the judge will do to me ( i heard he's a nice man)?


I got the ticket for ACDA not quite sure what that means but yeah.

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    25 to life. No, actually $85 fine for failure to maintain control of your vehicle and driver school.

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    Well, I'm not sure why you got a ticket for the accident, I've never gotten a ticket and I've rear ended someone twice (in the past 11 yrs). Once was because my intake valve was stuck open and my engine was revving too hard so my brakes weren't as effective. The other was my fault (sun was in my eyes, didnt see the person's brake lights ahead of me).

    But yeah, never got a ticket before. Though... I was over 18 for both accidents

    Uh... maybe you got a ticket because you had someone in the car with you? I thought if you were 16 you werent supposed to have anyone under 21 or 25 with you?

    There's gotta be more to your story, not sure why you'd get aticket to go to court for rear ending someone... Were you speeding? What does the ticket say?

    Normally, in an accident, the police come to witness (IF called), insurance info is exchanged, and the person who you hit's insurance will contact your insurance. Your insurance will pay for the damages, and YOUR insurance premiums will go up for the next 3 yrs.

    I mean.. I guess I don't have much of an answer for you other than you had to have been doing something wrong besides skidding on black ice to have gotten a ticket.

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  • 1 decade ago

    put yourself in the judge's shoes. you are 16, you've had your license less than a week and you got in an accident already?

    you will probably have to pay a fine (might be a big one) plus court costs and maybe even a license suspension.

    nobody does well on black ice, but there is such a thing as assured clear distance. you were probably following way too close and you don't slam your brakes on snow or ice cuz you lose control of the vehicle. you said nothing about what speed you were going. for your car to be messed up real bad you weren't going slow.. learn from this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He'll read the police report, ask you some questions, allow you to make a statement, and make his decision based on what he has read and heard.

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