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Can someone put the link to The Beatles ed sullivan show? 12 points!?

Their first appearance please and the FULL epesode, like with Ed presenting them. Remember their first appearance!


oh come on people plz! It's 12 points!

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    this is all i could find!!! there are 5 of them and this is the 2nd if you go through the related searces you should be able to find the others!! hope this helped!!! THE BEATLES ROCK!!!

    the beatles will live in my heart froever

    Source(s): "I'm dead am I? Why does nobody ever tell me anything?--paul mccartney may john and george rest in peace i LOVE ringo but dont foreget paul “all I am saying is give peace a chance”—john lennon-((°J°))
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  • Ponds
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    1 decade ago

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    there's 5 videos, you just have to find them in the related videos section :D

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  • Anonymous
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