Can someone explain the ending to Keith?

I just saw it with my girlfriend who insists on it being one of the greatest indie comedies of all time but I still still have some questions or some things that I'm not too clear on.

What I think I know:

- Keith Dies, as eviddence by Natalie's working on and driving the truck, not to mention her time spent with Keith's father.

- She doesn't go to Duke, evident by the last scene where she's at a cross roads and drives though it, she should be going to Duke

- She is still friends with the girl from the newspaper, when they share a hug at graduation

Anything else I missed would be good.

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    Keith was a really good High School movie. Let me see if I can clear the ending up for you...

    You are right, Keith has died of his illness and Natalie inherits his truck.

    Once again, you are right, she rejects the expectations of her father by going in the opposite direction of Duke University. This is symbolic in that she is doesn't know where she is going, but she is off to find it when she gets there, she just knows she doesn't want to go to Duke.

    The newspaper girl is at best a mild friendship, but there aren't any hard feelings between them as evidenced by the hug.

    The whole idea of the movie is that an unlikely boy came into the life of the popular girl and turned her world upside down and his legacy was helping her to get outside of her life that was structured by other people and lived according to their expectations. She had lived like a pretty bird in a cage her entire life, and Keith came and took her out of her cage for a few hours at a time, but she'd always returned to the cage until the end when she found Keith had left the cage door open and she flew out and away from the cage never to return.

    I watched the movie because when I was a kid I had a huge crush on Elizabeth Harnois (Natalie). She has grown up to be a very beautiful and talented actress. But I don't see her doing as many movies as I'd like to. Does anybody out there know her personally?

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    3 years ago

    Keith Movie Summary

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  • 6 years ago

    Also, If I may add. Once Keith dies, he kind of lives on with Natalie. Natalie starts to do things that Keith would have done, such as stopping the truck before it goes over the edge, like in the first scene of the movie. Also she starts living out Keith's dream. Keith wanted to go to a car show in London Ontario after graduation, and in the very last scene of the movie, you can see that she is going there.

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  • 6 years ago

    Keith doesn't die he went to London and Sophia is looking for him

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    She was always popular with a good life and he was jealous that he didn't get a great life and he's dying so he wanted to sabotage her but he fell in love with her and he acted like a jerk so she'd stay away from him and not be hurt by his death but she loved him and was willing to be with him until he died so after the train station they forgave eachother and dated until he died.

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