What real evidence exists proving that Iran is building an atomic bomb?

1. You need much more than enriched uranium to build a bomb, and reactors used for nuclear power require enriched uranium.

2. No leader in Iran has said, "We are building an atomic bomb."

3. Iran is being monitored by the International Atomic Energy Commission, who would be probably the only real source that could identify Iran is indeed building a bomb. In December 2007 the United States National Intelligence Estimate (representing the consensus view of all 16 American spy agencies) "judged with high confidence" that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, with "moderate confidence" that the program remains frozen. Why would Hillary Clinton know more that 16 American spy agencies?

4. In this article http://www.latimes.com/la-fgw-iran-nuclear16-2010f... Hillary Clinton says flat out that Iran is building an atomic bomb, but even though she said, "the evidence is accumulating that that's exactly what they are trying to do," the article admits, "She did not offer specifics."

5. Since 2003, the US government generated propaganda against both Iran and Iraq suggesting they're some form of terrorist nations linked to a 9/11 type of threat. Hence, most Americans who still think these two countries were somehow responsible for 9/11 believe that they are enemies of the USA. A perceived threat is not a real threat. Yet, this is how most Americans were ready to support destruction of Iraq and the killing of foreign civilians. The US government knows it would take much more to get people to support an invasion of Iran--a threat greater than "weapons of mass destruction." It has to be the threat of a nuclear bomb this time, which most people will completely ignore is not only coming potentially from Iran.

You disagree with me? There's obvious evidence Iran is building a nuke? WHERE'S THE REAL EVIDENCE ??????? I don't care what freerepublic.com has to say. I don't want to know what those brainwashed by the Project for the New American Century believe. What real credible evidence exists that can show Hillary Clinton is not just adding to the fodder of the propaganda machine when she tells the press flat out that Iran is building an atomic bomb?


Answer the Question!: You know more than 16 AMERICAM SPY AGENCIES regarding Iran's ongoing progress on building a bomb? HOW?

Update 2:

science: the SAME ARTICLE that Hillary Clinton accuses Iran of making a bomb (above) says that Iran has consistently SUPPORTED the non-proliferation treaty. A nation wanting enriched uranium for nuclear power still complies with this treaty.

Update 3:

Unbelievable. Most of the answers below are being generated by sheer fear.

Update 4:

libsticker: Are you serious? That link only supports my point! "Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said British claims of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme were unfounded." UNFOUNDED.

Update 5:

libsticker: Same article you link to says, "They said that even if there was a halt, as reported in a US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) two years ago, the programme restarted in late 2004 or early 2005." "They" is not the IAEC that has been monitoring Iran. "They" is the UK, and they are also basing what they say on sheer speculation.

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    There's none, and I applaud you for your level headedness. However, the powers that be are inexorably pushing for war, yet again.

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    BND, the German intelligence organisation, this year provided evidence in a court case saying it believed weapons work in Iran had continued after 2003. A leaked internal memo written by the IAEA also found that Iran probably had "sufficient information" to build a bomb, and that it had "probably tested" a high-explosive component of a nuclear warhead.

    ElBaradei has angrily rejected claims from Israel, France and the US that he had suppressed the internal IAEA report, saying all relevant and confirmed information had been presented to member states.

    However, ElBaradei rejected British intelligence claims that Iran had reactivated its weapons programme at least four years ago. By making the claims the UK broke with the official US intelligence position that Iranian work on developing a warhead probably stopped in 2003. They said that even if there was a halt, as reported in a US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) two years ago, the programme restarted in late 2004 or early 2005.

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    Yes and they aren't the only ones. There are a lot of countries that would like to get their hands on a nuclear bomb that would not be as responsible as the U.S. has been owning a nuclear bomb. Durning WWII Germany and Japan were not far behind the U.S. in developing an atomic bomb. Germany surrendered before they could finish development. Japan was ready to drop one on the U.S. but they didn't have enough uranium, a componet of the atomic bomb. Germany an ally of Japan sensing defeat gave Japan the urainium they needed. U.S. intelligence found out about the shipment of uranium from Germany to Japan and intercepted it near Iceland. Los Alamos had completed everything but they didn't have enough urainium. The captured urainium was sent to Los Alamos and eventually used in the bombs dropped on Japan. Poetic Justice, Germany gave Japan the component to drop an atomic bomb on the U.S. , the U.S. captured it and used it to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Most Americans, Germans, and Japanese aren't aware of this. We civilians don't know what is going on behind closed doors that's why the CIA is so important to our nation. Semper Fi

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    the iaea has questions because iran has not been forthcoming. iran only came forward about the current depth of their program when they were outed by people inside iran. iran got blue prints from the a.q. khan network and part of those plans were nuclear bombs. you can nake excuses all day long but the cumulative actions of iran tells everyone they are doing more that you and i know. why else would they proclaim themselves a nuclear super power? only france and brazil can make medical isotopes from 20% enriched uranium. we never had any actual evidence about n. korea until it was too late now did we?if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck....

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    Isn't it possible that the proof is classified information limited to the CIA or something like that? Why could a country say they are making a nuclear weapon when the UN has told them not to? It doesn't matter if they are being watched or not, it's still possible for them to do it in secret, is it not? The upper-level intelligence agencies know far more about what goes on in other countries than they would ever let the citizens know, so what knowledge on the topic can we really claim to have?

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    Iran has consistently been building a nuclear program for several years. They have also consistently lied about their progress. They have evicted the IAE commission several times. They refused entry to the inspectors of several locations. Iran is not being properly monitored. Their leaders give speeches encouraging hatred in others, who go out and kill for their government. Iran can not be trusted.

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    It was their denial of assistance from Russia and other countries to help in enriching their uranium to the amount needed for medical purposes.

    It doesn't prove anything but certainly raises suspicions.

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    We know they want to - and that's enough to send GOP'ers peeing their pants scared, and running off to cry to mommy.

    Besides - since when has a GOP'er needed 'evidence' anyway?

    They still believe that WMD's will be found somewhere 'in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat*.'

    [*Quote - Donald Rumsfield]

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    The monkey man in the members only jacket said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map and enriching uranium is a start

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    How could the Japanese Prove that the UNited States was building nuclear bombs prior to 1945?

    They found out the hard way.

    Source(s): If Churchill had believed Chamberlain, the NAZI's would have gotten the bomb first, but he didn't and he Bombed the living crap out of suspected NAZI bomb sites over and over again to make sure Germany did not get the bomb... Peace in our time indeed......idiot
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