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How did you get BMW MOTORRAD to take responsibility for the problems you bought when buying a f800gs? Or?

I have a f800gs that from day 1 has had defects and some life threatening.

How did you contact any person that was knowledgeable or able to get you to the person that did know BMW motorcycles/products/service...?

All of my attempts to get correct information about BMW motorcycles has been very frustrating and seemingly useless. No person at BMW seems to be willing or able to answer questions. They do not know anything about and will not connect me to any person that knows anything about their riders gear/parts/service... I have called and e-mailed multiple times with NO response. I have never called and had a person answer the phone, it is as if they are out of business.

I have asked Motorrad and the dealers service/maintenance questions with multiple different answers. This leads me to believe they are lying and or do not know their product/job.

I payed and wasted many days at the dealerships each time my motorcycle has died or had a problem. I have used 2 different BMW motorcycle dealers to do service and multiple warranty repairs on my f800gs and bmw will not give me any straight yes or no questions as to whether my motorcycle has been fixed properly.

Motorrad has offered me about 500 in dealer cash to shut me up but I would like to know how to contact a person at BMW that knows their products and is willing to truthfully answer questions like any good business used to be able to. I know it is hard to know a lot about a product or service but a person should at least know how to contact a person that truthfully knows a specific product or service.

Is there a non BMW person or company that knows the product and is willing and able to answer questions and help a customer and not make them want to hit them with a baseball bat?

I have only 2,000 miles on the motorcycle that I supposedly bought new, with 3 miles on it. 2 or 3 people at BMW Motorrad have told me I am the second owner also. BMW has now said that is not true.

I am just very frustrated in my dealings and lack of knowledge/responsibility/willingness to interact properly with a person. I payed more for a new BMW vs a Susuki/Yamaha/Harley/Ducati/KTM...thinking I was buying a quality product and service, that was not always breaking down or falling apart. Boy have I been proven a idiot!

Thank you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Don't waste your time. BMW Motorrad does not take care of its customers anywhere near as well as BMWNA used to. And that was when the product was much simpler, more robust and reliable than it is today.

    See a lawyer. Consider asserting your rights under your state's Lemon Law if it has one. Or simply have your lawyer write a letter tendering rescission of the sale, i.e. tell the dealer you want to give them back the bike and get your money back. Depending on your state's consumer fraud laws, you may be able to recover your attorney fees if you are forced to sue for rescission.

    Copy BMW Motorrad on all your correspondence with the dealer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There are currently three recall issues with the F800, and all the dealerships have been informed to rectify the problem free of charge. The big one was the stalling issue, which should be easily remedied by any BMW dealer.

    Are you talking to the right people at the dealer? Like the owner? Have you tried another dealer?

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  • pucci
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Gotta supply admire, whilst admire is due. lol..the ones are a few high-quality vehicles. I supply them admire at the street. They wanna velocity by way of me and reduce me off, cross head' child, you will have the horsepower to do this. wanna top beam me to permit me recognise to get the f*ck outta your method, I will gladly transfer lanes for you. you wanna park illegally, no prob with me. But whilst you slam right into a pole or a guardrail going a hundred thirty not come again from the lifeless watching for me cuz i used to be style enuf to permit u go. And, whilst u get that $185 price ticket within the mail, hello u will have to've parked with the leisure people..ha!

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