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Southwest Airlines v. Kevin Smith?

Southwest Airlines needs to get kicked in their left nut because Kevin Smith is a god!!!! eff Southwest Airlines for their rant for today

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    You obviously have never sat next to someone who's incredibly overweight. I'm not skinny. In fact, I'm chubby and overweight but I can still fit in my seat. I have had the displeasure of sitting next to an extremely fat 300+ pound man. He was so big that his rolls literally rolled over the arm rest in the middle and into my seat. When I asked him if he could do something about it, he rudely asked me to just lean away from him. Then when it became too uncomfortable for him, he had to lift the arm rest so his rolls could literally go right over to my seat so he could relax and be more comfortable. I literally leaned left the entire 5+ hr flight. I feel bad that obese/overweight people are required to purchase a second seat, but I don't think it's fair to other passengers that they have to have their already tiny space invaded upon because someone can't fit into his/her seat comfortably.

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