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What else can be used as a condom?

Me and my girlfriend are a little scared about doing this we wanna be completely safe but were too chicken to get some condoms cause were young..

Dont ask what age just let me know what else can be used as a condom and is safe?

P.S a water balloon with saran wrap??

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    Most rubbers are semi-permeable INCLUDING Saran wrap.

    If you are too scared to get condoms then you really shouldn't be having sex.

    use a condom.. surely you can get one out of a vending machine somewhere?

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    No, no, no, no. A water balloon with saran wrap? Are you serious? No, there are no safe substitutes for condoms, period. If you are too nervous to buy condoms, you are too immature to be having sex. By the sound of the post you are far too young anyway.

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    The condom was initially called a 'rubber". This is because during war years all they had was a condom cut out of a rubber boot.

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    Yeah dont use nothing but a condom. and im a female telling you this. you dont want to hurt your girlfriend but you do seem far too youg by the way you worded your question..

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    i've tried water ballons and it actually works better than saran wrap and rubberbands, if you don't have those it is possible to use a plastic grocery bag and and a hair tie or rubberband to keep it tight around your penis

    One thing you might want to consider is a proper lubricant. If you don't have johnson's baby lotion, olive oil or sunscreen can also be used. Under no circumstances should you use SHAMPOO its chemical make-up is known to adversely affect the male penis tip...

    Hope that helps


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