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What is a good encouraging CHEAP gift for a group of 100+ college girls?

I want to give my sorority sisters a little gift to show them that their loved and to encourage them throughout the week. But i can't break the bank on this. Any ideas?? thanks!

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    Candy, you can find a bunch on sale especially since its right after Valentines Day. Depending on your budget and how long you want to wait for stuff you can get a little sorority keychain or pens for reasonable price. If you want something custom and want to put a little time into it, you can get a bunch of notebooks and stamps with your letters or symbol on them, stamp the covers to decorate.Craft stores are a good place to browse for something cheap and easy to get in bulk. If you want to get the whole chapter involved you can ask every sister to write an encouraging note to another sister and you can distribute them.

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    Lip gloss.. its cheap and it shows that you care about them too. Its the middle of winter so why not give them some lip gloss to protect their lips. Also if you have the time decorate them too with your sorority logos and cute designs.

    Or if you want to go a different route go to a store and buy some cheap clear black/blue pens. You can get pieces of paper and decorate them and insert them into the pen to have a unique pen that can't be bought in stores. Simply unscrew the pen and roll the decorated paper design around the ink barrel. Next put them pen together and bam! you have a good encouraging cheap gift for a group of 100+ college girls. Hope this helps (:

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    Try going to a craft store like Michaels and get a printed word of encouragement - not too expensive.

    Good Luck!

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    Origami heart/star/flower

    Something sentimental that you can write on. Like maybe a playing card?

    Novelty item like a kissing lip kazoo

    try a dollar store or a knick-knack shop for stuff.

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    You will need:


    credit card

    Go on a company website. Order teddy bears or something. Order allot of them. (Companies sell them really cheap) Send them to the peeps you want to send them to.

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