nikon d60 vs. canon rebel?

I'm looking into buying one of these two. I just wanted to know what the average prices of both of them are, and which one is better? PS I live in Ontario, so Canadian prices would be great. Also, I'm not looking to buy online, I'm going to buy it in a store.


the canon rebel xsi

Update 2:

I don't really know much about these kind of cameras at all, so any help would be great.

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    I when put next the specifications, learn stories, requested recommendation, and whilst I went to the shop and when put next the 2, I nonetheless hadn't made a selection. I attempted each and every, and went over the specifications once more. I regarded on the extras incorporated within the kits, the viewfinders, and many others. Then I regarded on the fees (hold in brain, this was once an Army base PX, no tax): D60 $545 XSi $795 The XSi was once the extra complicated, extra flexible digital camera. It has nine AF rather of simply three, which I feel is a greater deal than the paltry 2MP change. But I requested myself whether or not the XSi was once $250 larger than the D60, and watching at it like that, it was once a miles, a lot less difficult selection. It isn't. It's might be $50-one hundred larger, if that.

  • 1 decade ago

    it would be great if you can suggest which Canon Rebel model you are referring to. The entry-level Rebel model would be the T1i:

    it is slightly more expensive than the Nikon D60 but more than made up for it by a whopping 5 extra megapixels in resolution (10 megapixels for Nikon). Not to mention the 153 five-star ratings given by Amazon customers. It also has an impressive wide range of ISO setting from 100-3200 and is compatible with over 60 Canon EF/EF-S lenses. Not bad for an entry-level DLSR.

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