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I want to know if I might have the symptoms of Behcet's Syndrome?

All through my life I have dealt with the following:

- fatigue, and feeling as if i am going to pass out when moving a lot

- pain during and after urination

- multiple occasions of sores in mouth and around genital area

- eye and muscle twitches

- my bones crack a lot and such

- i get sick quite frequently

- breathing complications

Could this be behcet's syndrome? Or something else? I'm sixteen years old.

1 Answer

  • 1 decade ago

    The symptoms you listed are insufficient for a "definite" or "probable" diagnosis of Behcet's Disease. However, if other causes for your symptoms can be ruled out, then Behcet's could be a "possible" diagnosis.

    There are other minor criteria (such as arthritis, GI, neuro, vascular) that can strengthen the possible diagnosis of Behcet's Disease.

    At your age, you could be at an earlier stage in your disease and additional symptoms could appear later that might confirm a diagnosis or rule out Behcet's.

    Have you been evaluated by a rheumatologist?

    Source(s): Merck manual description: "International criteria for diagnosis include recurrent oral ulcers (3 times in 1 yr) and 2 of the following: Recurrent genital ulcers Eye lesions Skin lesions Positive pathergy test with no other clinical explanation Laboratory tests (eg, CBC, ESR or C-reactive protein, serum albumin and total protein levels) are done. Results are nonspecific but characteristic of inflammatory disease (possibly elevated ESR, C-reactive protein, and α2- and γ- globulins; mild leukocytosis). Differential diagnosis includes reactive arthritis, SLE, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, and herpes simplex infection. Behçet's syndrome has no single pathognomonic finding but may be distinguished by its combinations of relapsing symptoms with spontaneous remissions and multiple organ involvement, particularly in patients with recurrent, deep mucosal ulcers. See also: and
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