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Any idea's what k.c names should i give my litter of puppies. need 10?

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    How many other litters have you had? It's popular to have the first litter's names all start with A, then second all start with B, etc. When identifying which litter a puppy is from, if his name is Charles, then you know he's from your third litter, which was this female and that male. It makes it pretty easy to track them.

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    What is the kennel's name? Most kennels require you to use the kennel name in their registered name.

    What is the sire's registered name? I know that you don't own him, but in your meetings with him I'm sure you got an idea of his temperament.

    What is your b*tch's registered name?

    And last but not least, do you want a theme for the whole litter or individualized names?

    Those will all play an important role in creating names.

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    for the pet-quality.. let the OWNER choose a name. If they are just going to be pets, they dont need a fancy name anyways. Most pet people prefer to choose a name anyways. I have seen people specifically say that they want " a newborn that hasnt been named yet".. let pet owners have the right to choose the registered name.

    For the show/working.. need more info.. What breed, Kennel names, sire/dam names.. if you are going for a litter theme or not, how many male, how many female, etc.

  • TK
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    10 years ago

    If you have a registered kennel name then that is part of the official name. Many people choose a theme, such as the holiday closest to the whelping, or something that was happening at the time i/e the Olympics, a blizzard, or Springtime.

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  • CF_
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    10 years ago

    what breed and what are the parents registered names?

  • 10 years ago

    hugs and kisses




    if one is white call it snowflake or snowy

    good luck

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