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Do We Have a Decisive Tactical Disadvantage in Afghanistan?

Does the Law of Armed Conflict Apply in Afghanistan?

Is Afghanistan Becoming a Vast My Lai Situation?

And are our servicemen being placed in the position of Lt. Calley?

Now that the Taliban know that US trrops are prohibited from firing upon a building that contains civilians, will they ever fire any shot again from any position that does not contain civilians?

Will US trrops be faced with a choice between being non-responsive ducks in a shooting gallery or violating General Stanley McCrystal's order that no shot can be fired at any position that contains civilians?

All offensive enemy positions will contain civilians. We might as well go home. If we can't shoot back, then the only function the US troops are serving is being moving targets for target practice.

The enemy is shameless -- they are cockroaches -- they have the same respect for the law of armed conflict that a cockroach would have, or a shark, or a bug-eyed monster.

Their women and children mean nothing to them except that they are now useful as human shields.

OK Dolphin314etc we get the fact that you don't like the current setup -- so how should the war be done?

A few revisions:

(1) The US mission in Afghanistan cannot possibly be to protect the civilian population -- that is a completely crazy idea which leads directly to the My Lai/Lt. Calley situation we are now in.

(2) The only legitimate mission in the vast badlands of Afghanistan is to smash Taliban and Al Qaeda training camps and to smash Taliban and Al Qada safehouses --- just training camps and safehouses.

(3) This mission can best be done by Predators. So most of the groundforces can just come home.

(4) We have no role to play clearing territory, holding territory, building hospitals and schools, winning the hearts and minds of the people, or protecting Karzai's constituents. Those activities are not related in any meaningful way to the national security of USA if we can smash all training camps and all safehouses by other means (Predators).

(5) The manpower required to do the revised mission: (1) 5000 at Bahgram to re-fuel and re-arm Predators (2) 15,000 in the fleet at sea to fly recon and to do support for Delta Force and Baghram forces and (3) 50,000 at NSA, NRO, and Cheyenne Colorado -- Battle Mountain to do intelligence analysis and target identification work 24/7/365 in real-time, and (4) 10,000 in the Space Command to keep our Keyhole assets in the most productive positions for target ID support in real time.

Now is the time when twitty ones start with their abusive comments --- Why does this guy think he knows better than our leaders? We just follow orders here -- we don't think about policy or strategy or tactics -- we just do what we're told -- who does this guy think he is -- why doesn't he take his comments to the Politics section -- anything other than just following orders is pure politics -- so I'm gonna get 3 or 4 abusive answers like that -- it can't be helped. My choice is to go forward anyway -- there are people who are not stupid about this subject, Biden is one, George Will is one, Barry MacCaffrey is one. I'm trying to reach the non-stupid people. Hopefully my title question will provide a bit of narrow-casting, but clowns abound, so one just has to wade through them, pay them no mind.


To nostrada:

Your point is well thought out and it contains a lot of truth.

Here's some more truth. Waterboarding should have been used on the Christmas Day underpants bomber within minutes of his capture. He should not have been mirandized and given an opportunity to ask for a lawyer. We lost a huge opportunity to break open his secrets and to learn a lot about Al Qaida in Nigeria and in Yemen. I think waterboarding is bordering on torture. In a ticking bomb situation one either sacrifices the lives of innocent fellow citizens or one sacrifices the comfort of an enemy combatant. To me this is not a close call. On Christmas Day 2009 we had no way of knowing about other possible plots that might be in progress. The High Value Detainee Team was ready to go and get the data from the enemy combatant. Instead our new Cream Puff in Chief, said, no get him a lawyer, find him a nice cell and a hot meal, poor dear. Thanks Barack HUSSEIN Obama. You got us so much goodwill in the world.

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    Having had three direct relatives who served in Viet Nam and Thailand,

    2 were SOCOM members 1 was a Thud Pilot, I can recall many a vocal

    outburst Re: Robert S, McNamara, Micro Management in Viet Nam

    set the stage for its over all failure, Our Military members were pawns

    in a very deadly game. Korea was a similar political action (police action),

    It seems to me that we had no heart for fighting after the two great world

    wars, Not that we lacked in Spirit or individual fortitude, But our Government

    and its leaders lost sight and vision over what winning was supposed to be

    all about.

    I have had three combat tours in the mideastern regions. From the moment

    I stepped off the Aircraft at Kabul, I could smell the death not of decaying

    carcass but of failure, It was the same smell as described by my Father

    and my two uncles. When you go into a fighting mode, Your instincts whirl

    from self Preservation to command responsibility, My Mission requirement

    in Afghanistan was basically the same I had in Iraq, Supply Host commands

    with Military Police units, Train and set up Afghan National Police units,

    Contain Combatants for transportation to US holding facility's. What was

    entirely different between the two operations was the lack of government

    structure in Afghan and the Illiteracy rate of the Afghan people whom were

    being drafted into the various police units, I see no way in hell we can have

    have a divided responsibility of Afghan Police and Military before a 10 year

    period of time. I am saying 2020 will be a missed target date,

    What McCrystal implemented as far as his ground and Air policy are nothing

    more than throw backs to the Viet Nam era. Any and all air operations units

    have NO TARGET of OPPORTUNITY. Which means if Primary and Secondary

    are socked in. You bring the bombs home and dump them in the bomb dump.

    Predator Drones should be the action piece of this fight, SOCOM can act as

    forward target Intelliegence folks. That MOS is 97z. Remove all combat units

    from Afghan and Iraq, and Germany. Leave a cadry in Nato if you want,. But

    get everyone else the hell home. Just a thought.

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    bottom line, the population as a whole don't want us there.

    if they did, every single disadvantage you talk about with regards to civilians would be a distinct advantage.

    the truth is that the population tolerate the taliban and other insane extremists because for whatever reason they don't see us as all that much better.

    maybe the insane right in the usa will think about this the next time they defend torture, illegal prisons and holding defendants for years without charge.

    what about what we are actually doing is any better than what they already have.

    torture, no due process, corporate control of the economy...

    why should they fight the taliban to get what they already have?


    why should we torture the underwear bomber? he IS talking. and richard reid was mirandized within four minutes of being arrested and no one had a problem with that or the fact that over 150 criminal convictions of terrorists were obtained in the criminal justice system under the bush admin.

    every time we torture, we show the world and that includes the citizens of iraq, afganistan and anyone else - that we aren't different.

    that alone is enough reason to NOT do that. that and the simple fact that torture does not work - just ask john mccain.

    there is one other simple fact about the obama adminstration - he has kept us MUCH safer than bush did. on sept 11 at 9:45 am of his administration he accomplished that goal.

    bush took more vacation in his first year as president than any other president - and here's a crazy coincidence - in that same year we had the worst attack on american soil since 1812.

    so you can 'say' obama is weak and a creampuff - but the fact is that we have not been attacked under his watch and by this time in the bush admin we were still putting out the fires at the site of the world trade centers...

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    You have no clue about Afghanistan.. You DON'T if you have to ask that question. There are no clear cut battle lines. There are countless caves and we are up against an enemy who know the area better than we do. The locals are afraid to point out the enemy due to retribution by the Talibanananas. Those morons terrorize their own people. I wonder, what would YOU suggest since you think you're an expert on the area. Well? Let's hear it. My email is open.

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    Don't go to war if you don't want to commit crimes against humanity :)

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