What do you do for a bruised palm?

I have never injured or bruised my hand before, so I'm afraid I think this question is a little odd. I was packing and boxing up stuff late in the night and woke up with the palm of my hand, like right under the thumb, slightly swollen and sore to the touch If anything pushed on it there was a pain. Now today I can see it is slightly bruised- brown/ little darker in color and still slightly hurts to the touch and just slightly swollen (you can tell visually really only the way my hand feels when I move or use it.

What kind of care should I give my hand? I really dont think its necessary to go to the doctor since its not really that painful.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You'd either apply heat or ice for, say, 20 minutes. Heat often reduces pain, especially joint pain. It's near your thumb joint, so I'd try this first. Ice will reduce swelling.

    Also, I'd rest that hand for at least several hours and see how it feels. If it's still tender, give it a few days to recuperate.

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