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Any one listen to flamenco music?

So I am trying to find a song but I am lost in my search. The song starts off with a woman talking while guitar strings are playing rapidly and after like after 53 seconds a man starts singing. Then in the middle section the speed of the song picks up really fast and then after that it slows. It also sounds like foots steps through out the song

I don't speak spanish well so I am not sure what there saying.

But there is a video of a girl twirling the baton.

Here is the name of the video(youtube): Catherine Moua 2004

she is preforming in a yellow costume

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    Watched the YouTube video... Not Sure, but there is definitely a flamenco dancer pounding away along with the guitar and cante. Lets hope someone can translate, otherwise check out...

    Estrella Morente - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upsF0jpz4kg

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    Diego Carrasco - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuD3zWYqyOY

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    for some very entertaining flamenco.

    For Flamenco Dance you can't go past Sarah Baras - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybq543CScKU

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    Source(s): Managing editor of http://flamencoaustralia.org
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    In Islam nearly all tune is haram Not all tune needs to be unhealthy via definition, no longer even to Islamic necessities Flamenco tune in and on its own is not a foul have an effect on, nevertheless it entices to transport the hips in this sort of manner that even stomach dancers might blush lol So dancing to it may be relatively provocative haha So in step with Islamic doctrine, you will have to restrict flamenco tune Anything that may remotely infer to intercourse, will have to be have shyed away from via Muslims Do I trust Islam? Hahaha no longer via an extended shot, I consider it is a load of ........ Peace

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