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Contacting the IG question?

My CO has not signed ANY paperwork in the last 3 weeks, including my FLIPL paperwork so I can finish clearing post...I have been on leave but way past my clear date...would it be unprofessional to contact the IG...if not, who is the better choice? The BC?

I have sat at the company and waited for him, but I have things with the family I need to do during the week and can't waste all my time there waiting on the guy


of course there are people higher in my own chain of command...but the biggest thing I am looking for is IMMEDIATE results, nobody in my crappy unit cares about people who need to clear post

Update 2:

true 1sg and co are on totally different frequencies...tuesday i am gonna talk to the csm

Update 3:

1SG is no help at all, like I said, him and the CO are not on the same page, my PSG has done all he can to help, everyone else is new in the company and nobody wants to get a bad start trying to help someone that isn't even staying in the unit...ate up, can't wait to actually report in to the new unit!

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    my suggestion is to talk to your 1SG, or if you've done that already then go to your BC or SGM, either one should be able get the ball rolling. going to the IG would probably just cause a hassle for you, and your BC would find out anyway because he's the first one the IG would contact.

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    NCO Support Channel. Use it. I'm assuming you're an NCO. Unless you have a horrible relationship with your PSG or 1SG, there is no reason you can't ask either of them to take that paperwork that's sitting in the Training Room and have the CO sign it. Wait, is it in the Training Room, or is it in the CO's Inbox? Does the CO know the paperwork exists?

    IG does nothing. It just calls your BC, then your CO, and then leaves both of them pissed. IG is worthless. You're better off doing a Congressional than IG if it ever comes to that, since if you're going to get it between the eyes anyways, you might as well make the most of it.

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    Are you an officer or enlisted? If enlisted, what does your First Sergeant have to say about this?

    If you entire command is being unhelpful, you need to talk to the POC who gave you clearing papers. It's usually a civilian. Your clearing papers are only good for 30 days in a lot of cases. You need to push them through ASAP.

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    Anybody higher in your chain you can go to before the IG?

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