What Wii games should I buy my mother?

I am getting a Wii, with Wii Fit, for my mother. What other games should I get her? I figure something kind of abstract and casual would be perfect for her. I don't think she'd be interested in RPGs or games where a character runs around in a 3D environment.

Here are some games she has played a lot on her computer:

Mah Jong

Snood (this is just like Bubble Bobble)

A matching game that looks like Yoshi's Cookie


A jigsaw puzzle game


Oh, I meant Bust-a-Move, not Bubble Bobble. Snood is just like Bust-a-Move.

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  • Hilary
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    1 decade ago
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    Boom Blox and World of Goo are good casual games. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is coming to the Wii, too, although she might have to download it. It's story-based, but there's no fighting or anything like that involved.

  • Well first, I would suggest Active Life Outdoor Challenge over Wii Fit if you haven't actually bought the game yet. I've tried Fit a few times (my sister has it), and Outdoor Challenge is a much better workout in my opinion (if that's what you're looking for), as well as being much more fun/engaging. Outdoor Challenge has really become my main winter exercise, since otherwise the only exercise I like is biking or walking & that's either dangerous or uncomfortable in the NE US in the wintertime. :P But, other than that, she would probably love Ultimate Board Game Collection, and possibly Family Game Night (there's a second version of that now, bu I haven't tried it yet, so I can't vouch for it). UBGC has mah-jong, sudoku, battleship, a game like Othello (can't remember what they call it), a Boggle type of game, jigsaw puzzles (I love the jigsaw puzzles! The circle & triangle ones can be really challenging.), and a lot more. Plus, it's a pretty cheap game. I bought it a few months ago for about ten dollars (US). I'm sure there must be a Wii Tetris-like game out there now too though. Even if there isn't, you could include a Wii points card with your gift, and I think there's a downloadable version of Tetris (my favorite game ever, btw. :)). I know there's a download of Dr. Mario which is similar to Tetris. She also might like Margot's Word Brain or Big Brain Academy, possibly World Of Goo. And there's a downloadable game called Brain Challenge. I have Brain Challenge & have also played Big Brain Academy a lot (sister has it), and I like Brain Challenge much better. But, the thing is, unless you have a huge TV screen, it's hard to play with two people because everything is smaller & hard to make out. :/ It's great as a one player game though.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Some games that I consider are hard to find.

    Such as

    Dance Dance Revolution

    and one is new but you need a DDR pad i think. The games called Just Dance.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well if she likes crossword puzzles than maybe you should try "puzzle challenge crosswords" for wii or something like "Cooking mama" which is my mom enjoys ! And if you don't like this try something that the whole family can enjoy like "Mario Cart" !! have fun!

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  • WHO
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    1 decade ago

    Big brain academy

    Cooking mama

  • 1 decade ago

    i love the gam super mario brothers wii u could try that or like a puzzle games or wii sports resort or deca sports i have that and its really fun

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Boom Blox and Puzzler Collection.

  • Animal crossing is a good one.

  • 1 decade ago

    try cooking mama games

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