Is Bill C-15 going to make Canadians safer with drugs?

It seems that radical drug policy reform is catching on, but the current Canadian government is moving backwards by attempting to implement mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) for drug offences in the form of Bill C-15

Do you agree with this law ? If yes or no and why ?

I would like to know your opinion :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes I do!

    Something needs be done to stop the Grey for becoming the norm. If the only way to Make all government parties to pick a side of the law to stand on then this will do it!!

    Freedom of POT could be easily solved with a Vote!!

    The Criminals that Prey on the sick by forcing us to buy their illegally produced Street Drugs, do not want Pot Free so that argument is mute!! Street Drugs are Street Drugs and Street Drugs are crimes!!

    People will say Medical MJ Users will suffer?... See More

    That is a load of crap and every Drug Dealer and Dirty Politician knows it!!

    I have begged for Any help to access Medical MJ but I don't have the cash so don't have access!

    PET's constitutional coin could be flipped at any time on Freedom of pot but the Dirty Drug Dealing MPs that say they want to Legalize then decriminalize don't want to pick as side so have NEVER asked for the coin to be flipped!

    I have been Health Canada licensed to use MJ yet the only access I have is MP Backed Street Drugs!!

    Medical MJ should and would be given a DIN# if there were not so many Politicians profiting from Illegal Street Drugs being sold to the sick just to support the NEED for the Grey!!

    Not one MP has offered to change the MMAR / MMAD to permit all Canadians to access Legal Medical MJ! Health Canada just needs give Medical MJ a DIN# and every Canadian with a Medical Need could have instant access with a simple Doctors Prescription and not need a Constitutional exemption!!

    The law should Pass or Fail as is with out any Dealing to permit the grey from getting wider for Illegal activity. ie 200 Plants!! That is nuts giving $600,000K of clean cash to Growers that supply Drug Dealers that sell to the Street for Profit Compassion Club or not!

    If Medical MJ had a DIN# MMAD Licensed Growers could supply clean Medical MJ that could be sold in Drug stores Coast to Coast!!

    The only people that suffer in Medical MJ was Given a DIN# is the Pharmaceutical Companies, Street Drug Dealers and the Dirty Politicians that do not want Canadians to access Medical MJ or the Oils Teas and Tears that could be legally produced from it!!

    Why is Rick Simpson a Canadian Refugee, with the NDP supporting Street MJ?

    Yes I support the Governments Bill C-15 and think it should have the same opportunity as Gay Marrage and every other Bill as is with no alterations!!

    Pass or Not Pass is up to the votes of the house just like any other Bill!

    That is how Canada has always worked and why we have elections right!!

    C-15 has nothing to do with Medical MJ, just the Criminals that profit from keeping it a Crime by not Flipping PET's coin!! With any luck C-15 might lock up the Dirty Politicians and Force the Government to have a Freedom Vote and give Medical MJ a DIN#!

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