Which word is better: epic or legit?

I say legit ftw! :D

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    Legit for sure.

    I love saying too legit to quit. :D

  • 4 years ago

    Think b4 u use the word overated the rock overated lmao that's funny wtf is cena the rock overated stupid catch phrases , oh yh cuz i forget every time he is on raw he says u want soem come get some , and the champ is here . The Rock can wrestle if u watch some Attutide era videos u will see my friend that the rock can wrestle , not only can he wrestle , he can sell moves pretty good did u see how he sold the stone cold stunner , what about WM 18 the rock made hulk hogan look good , how are the rock and cena the same thing they are totally diffrent , 1 the rock can wreste cena can't 2 the rock can cut a decent promo without fail cena can't 3 the rock can sell moves hmmmm let me think cena can't 4 the rock is entetaning cena is not The Rock never sold out when the rock's contract expried the wwe didn't offer him a new 1 becuase triple h said to vince that the wwe was far better then the rock and that the wwe didn't need the rock and vince thought the rock's movies would suck and he would come crawling back to the wwe . Hogan was a sell out the rock never sold out , u woudn't be watching wwe on tv today if it wasn't for the rock , he was 1 of the main figures in the attutide era , when stone cold got injured in 1999 and went out with the whole who ran over stone cold for a whole year the rock carried the wwe by his little finger with his natrual in ring abitly and his charsima the rock won overt the fans and won the ratings against wcw . Awwwww are u a cena fan are u jeloues that the rock got a bigger pop then the little superhero cena the rock made cena look so small on raw it was the best promo since the end of the attutide era little cena fans are jeloues of the great one . the rock is the people's champ , john cena is the kiddies champion the poster boy for the wwe end of the day cena sucks and so do the cenation KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH

  • EPIC... !

    Legit is way too commonly used. Epic and Legit don't have the same meaning so maybe they are each best in their own little way?

  • 10 years ago

    Epic =D Legit is just plain annoying.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Legit, because I like the way it sounds, and because epic is too overused by people.

    Haha :D

  • Considering they both of completely different meanings? I'd say legit.

    Epic is basically "out of proportion" or "huge"

    Whereas legit means "real".

  • 10 years ago

    This is an epic question. However, I have to go with legit.

  • Legit. It's not quite so overused as epic yet.

  • 10 years ago


  • 10 years ago

    Well since we're not living in the 90's anymore I would say Epic.

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