what Cal states have services for disabled students?

I am looking at Cal State colleges and have narrowed it down to mostly Sonoma, Monterey Bay, Humboldt, and East Bay, but I have High Functioning Autism. It does not usually interfere too much, however I do think it is enough of one for me to focus on finding a college with a Disabled Student Service. Thank you.

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    California State University at Fullerton does have services for disabled students. Those services appear to include the following:

    In compliance with CSU policy, students with disabilities may be found eligible for one or more of the following services from DSS:

    Diagnostic assessment, including both individual and group assessment not otherwise provided by the institution, to determine educational functioning or to verify specific disabilities; Disability-related counseling and advising, including specialized academic, vocational, personal and peer counseling that is developed specifically for students with disabilities and is not duplicated by regular counseling and advisement services available to all students; Interpreter services, including manual, steno and oral interpreting for hearing-impaired students; Reader services to coordinate and provide access to information required for equitable academic participation, if this access is not available in other suitable modes; Test-taking facilitation, including adapting tests for and proctoring tests taken by students with disabilities; Transcription services, such as providing Braille and large print materials not available through other sources; Note taker services for writing, note-taking, and manual manipulation for classroom and related academic activities; Access to, and arrangements for, adaptive educational equipment and technology, materials and supplies; Liaisons with campus and community agencies, including referral and follow-up services with these agencies on behalf of students with disabilities; On-campus and off-campus registration assistance, including priority registration, assistance with applications for financial aid and related college services; Disabled Person (DP) parking, including on-campus parking registration, temporary parking permit arrangements, and application assistance for students who do not have state disabled person placards or license plates; Access to the Computer Access Lab with specially designed hardware and software to accommodate various disabilities; Activities to coordinate and administer specialized services, including consultation with faculty for students with special academic needs associated with their disabilities; Activities to assess the planning, implementation and effectiveness of these services and programs; Activities to increase general campus awareness of students with disabilities.

    Other California State Universities also have services for disabled students which include the following:

    The services provided system-wide are those that allow students to participate in the full range of campus programs and activities. Some of the services include readers, note takers, sign language interpreters, transcription services, test-taking assistance, mobility assistance and orientation to campus facilities, registration assistance, special parking, specialized tutoring, disability-related counseling, and special equipment and materials. All CSU students with verified disabilities are eligible to receive services.

    Source(s): Californiia State University at Fullerton, Disabled Student Services, Supportive Services @ http://www.fullerton.edu/disabledservices/handbook... Support Programs - Disabled Student Services Program, Academic and Support Programs, @ http://www.calstate.edu/AS/stat_abstract/stat0001/...
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    I am a Sonoma State alumnus. The campus has a Disability Services for Students Office which has its own webpage on the Sonoma website. When I attended, a student with high functioning autism (Asperger's) graduated with honors and distinction with my class and went on to a top graduate school. Psychology is one of the largest departments and the campus is aware of related issues.

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