Why in Latin America, most of mixed people tend to hide their black roots whereas it's the opposite in the US?

It's strange

I noticed that many mixed-race Americans usually identify as Black (because of the society or their family or friends)...But the one-drop rule no longer exists, right?...

And in Latin America, it seems to be the other way around...A lot of mixed people that obviously have some african heritage (maybe 1/4 or less) prefer to "hide" it? For example, I remember a Venezuelian girl that looks like Faith Evans, she was embarassed talking about her african roots, like if she wanted to be "full" White. And I know also some Colombians and Dominicans that seem to have the same mentality.

So why does it seem that the USA and Latin America have totally opposite feelings towards being mixed, being full Black or full White?

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    Different mentalities.

    In the United States, having any known Black ancestry completely shut you out from being considered White and being accepted among Whites. So mixed-race Blacks took refuge and found support and even rose to positions of power among the Black community. W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglass and even Malcolm X were all mixed-race.

    In Latin America, having Black blood didn't necesarily shut you out from White society. It closed ALOT of doors for you, yes, but unlike the United States, Whites were never a majority in most of Latin America. Because of this, in order for the Europeans to maintain control over the masses they allowed some mixed people of lighter complexion and straighter hair to be "honorary whites" (women in particular). They were allowed to socialise and sometimes even marry Whites, and this gave them a STRONG incentive to disassociate themselves with Blacks and Natives. Because of this, anyone with any drop of White blood automatically thinks non-Black or non-Native even if the majority of their ancestry is Black or Native or Both. There's a stigma against being associated with anything non-White because to be as White as possible is an aspiration of many Latinos, sad to say. This is also part of the reason why, despite the OBVIOUS discrimination against non-Whites in Latin America, and despite the OBVIOUS coloured majority in Latin America, there's never been a Civil Rights movement there.

    That's part of the reason why, when Colin Powell and Obama came onto the political scene, MANY Latinos refused to acknowledge them as being Black in the beginning. People of their complexion and facial features wouldn't be considered Black in most of Latin America, and the fact that they were seen as Black was a direct threat to their own racial identities as well. If someone with a White mother is still Black here, then what does that make a person whose last blanquito in their bloodline was 3 generations ago?

    Also, despite the fact that most Latinos actually BORN in Latin America have never used the term Hispanic before coming to the United States, they've embraced it because of it's racial ambiguity and it allows them to run from their Black and Indian ancestry. By claiming Hispanic, many Latinos in the United States manage to avoid admitting to society and to themselves that they are not White, but have Black and Native blood. Even when they added a mixed-race option on the census in 2000, many Latinos still chose "some other race" rather than checking "black and white" or "native american and white" on the census, while 65% simply checked White.

    Its sad how far my people will go to delude themselves. Nowhere near 65% of Hispanics come close to looking White, and no Spanish-speaking nations besides Argentina, Uruguay and Spain itself.

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    10 years ago

    The one drop rule is still applied to mixed people in America.Most will just get checked as black on papers.I didn't for some reason,my doctors choice Hispanic instead of Black/African American.

    In Most Latin American Countries,Black Latinos are of the lowest class(Although it may differ in some countries where Native are even lower)

    And many Black Latinos do not want to be associated with Black Americans,as many African Americans(From Africa) do not want to be associated with Black Americans.

    The Spanish(Who are generally "White") gave the mentality that white is better,just as you see some Black Americans who will say they are mixed,but talk about the 2% Native American they have in them,the 3% French they have,and the 2% Russian they have in them,but will somehow forget the idk,over 50% black they have in them.

    White in most 3rd world countries(not just Latin America) is seen as superior,something to strive for,and it indicated that you would have European blood.

    But I don't get why americans are so obsessed with mixed people claiming either black or white.

    Also,I want to clarify to many people,saying "I'm Hispanic/Latin" does not at any point deny that they are black.In Latin America,Racial classification is different,but seeing as how many of you "well educated Americans" should know,Hispanic and Latino are not races,so in no way is that denying race or heritage

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    I completely understand what you are saying but the Majority are Mestizo and Mullato and White many of them look at the Blacks and discriminate against them. Though you have to realize they do not realize and cherish being of African descent and having the heritage fully is quite remarkable. especially in mexico because it is very few of them. That being said you would be surprised of the number that do cherish such the thing. People need to venture into African history and no not "sub saharan african" history which these blinded euro centric people claim to throw on us like we are actually stupid. African History. The Mali empire, Songhai, Zulu, Ancient Kushites, Ancient Egyptians. We as African people of African descent should learn these things. But they will never be taught. yes even read about the Invaders, The european and the Arabs. Even Many Northern Sudanese people do that which is actually just plain retarded

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Latin Americans of black ancestry were probably hit harder by white supremacy than black Americans. This type of thinking is probably most prevalent amongst Brazilians, Dominicans, Cubans, and Puerto Ricans.


    Right on time, with a great answer as usual.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yea, but not all of us. I don't deny I'm part black. Adriana Lima doesn't really look black, but she aknowledges her African roots. I think some people don't get taught by their parents that they're part black, so they just consider themselves Colombian, Brazilian, Venezuelen, etc.

  • 10 years ago

    actually, i used to work with this girl who she said was puerto rican and dominican and i thought she was black. She was darker than I and i mistakenly call her black and she got all defensive.

    I was like OK, I know plenty of dominicans who look like any other black person and denies everything.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I disagree. I've noticed that hispanics here in the US mixed with black don't acknowledge it. They're quicker to say "I'm Latino/a or Hispanic."

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  • Because they have a MIXED RACE identity, none of them are saying they're white either.

    LexDiamond - You're a West Indian who hates being black

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