Coin collecting tips?

I want to start collecting coins, what should I buy to keep them in? I have a few already but they are in a tupperware container lol.

Also any tips you can give me?

(also what's the coolest coin you have? =) )



All of the chinese zodiac coins are beautiful!

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    To see just what is available in U.S coin albums and holders go to they are a large dealer in coin and stamp supplies. See what you like and can afford. As for interesting coins I have a lot for I collect historical coins. One of my favorites is my Fugio cent the first coin issued by authority of the United States. I also like my ancient Chinese coins. I have more than one favorite coins.

    Source(s): 49 years a numismatist
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    Firstly, please do not clean any coin unless you know what you are doing. By cleaning a coin you can reduce the value of a coin from $10,000 to nothing. Anyone that suggests that you clean a coin by any method isn't a real collector. Please go to a coin shop and see all of the different types of storage units that they have - personally, I use flips stored in a three ring page holder. My "coolest coin" is a 1793 1/2 copper cent of which there were just over 35,000 minted.

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    You can actually buy a folder to keep them in. I have a coin album which I used to collect them in.

    Try looking at them on websites like

    And my coolest coin is probably.... Some ancient chinese one that I don't even know much about.

    It's gold and all battered :)

    Source(s): Myself. I used to collect coins, but my album's full. Must buy a new one :)
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    i'm a numismatist no longer an investor yet have finished nicely. you're able to understand a lot earlier you may quite sell funds for a earnings. you're able to study to grade funds for one element. there are extremely some blunders funds which you will locate as nicely as some early cents. you're able to get a crimson e book a handbook to U.S. funds for it shows photos of maximum. funds and Coinage magazines will help supply you a concept of the coin corporation as nicely by way of fact the weekly coin magazines Coin international & Numismatic information. desire this helps.

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  • Martin
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    I have shilling that's probably the most exciting coin I have.

    ebay is really good for selling coins try there and auction houses in your area

  • Go to a hobby shop, you can purchase coin folders and books to store them in. If you want to clean a coin, drop it in a glass of coke. :)

    However I do not collect coins myself.

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