Based on your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, what kind of lover are the zodiac signs you've been with?



How did they act in the relationship?

Based only off of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Most detailed, interesting answer gets 10 points!

All of the zodiac signs you've been with.

Give me a description of how they were in the relationship.













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  • 1 decade ago
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    Taurus - would always promise me things but never lived up to his expectations, was sweet but too idealistic and not a realist, idk if it's a taurus thing or it was just him, but either way we're still friends we just didn't work out.

    Gemini - um, he has scared me from any male gemini to come. so manipulative, like a con artist, we had amazing conversations so much fun but he lied and i fell so hard for him SO HARD we were inseperable but he is not a one woman kind of man, ugh geminis i will never get them... ugh... just ugh, really bad.

    Cancer - so sweet and gentle and amazing, my first love, we broke up because we were in high school and he moved to another state, we are still friends though, such a gentleman! really shy, but amazing.

    Leo - um... drama king haha. he was too much for me. everything was about him, and he liked drama and to gossip and i had to always make him want to go out, idk why he liked to be at home all the time but when we did go out we always had fun, but that leo was just not my cup of tea as a bf, we're friends though, hes a cool friend.

    Capricorn - so hard to read, he was sweet, he was reliable, he was honest, he was funny... just always felt like he was hiding something and if he wasnt laughing i felt like he was upset... he loved to work out and to work... he was not spontaneous and the sex was boring, but i loved how dominating he was in bed. we worked well but after a few months we faded... it didnt work out, i have nothing bad to say about capricorns

    aries - we went on a few dates, never was official but he flattered me and i loved how agressive he was, like he knew what he wanted and he went for it but he was too much, and i think i intimidated him bc im smarter than him.. and after the fourth date i found out he had lied to me and had a gf... but i didnt care bc i wasnt emotionally invested, hes a pig though for doing that

    aquarius - is my booty call, we dont have anything in common i call him when i want to get busy, hes hot, hes kinky, we just dont work anywhere sometimes in bed i cant keep up, but hes kinky and i like it, idc if its slutty, lol it happens. and he doesnt mind that i "use" him i think it turns him on.

    Source(s): i'm a virgo
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  • 1 decade ago

    Aries: He was possessive and threatened by other men who were interested in me. He had a high opinion of himself, but it was completely deserved because he was extraordinary. He didn't really understand my wanting of personal freedom, so he began not to trust me, even though I never cheated on him. It was difficult for him to relax and not feel that he was always fighting something or someone in the world. Combative is a word I would use to describe him, but he had a huge heart too. He really knew what love was.

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  • Mattie
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    1 decade ago

    aries- n/a

    taurus - he was really full of himself and slimy and he actually makes me wanna throw up, but i got with him when i was drunk in a club and when i met him sober it was like ugh..MISTAKE

    gemini - n/a

    cancer - n/a

    leo - was desperate for my attention but was attentive himself and made me feel special. however was too stubborn and prideful and insensitive. wasnt good in bed at all - lazy and unimaginative. extremly, EXTREMELY selfish in all aspects of the relationship. Very uncaring- got stalked once and he was like "y r u with a randomer?" thats literally all he said. extremely cheap and stingy and unwilling to impress me with what he could offfer me materialistically. e.g. me: "can i have some of your cider?" him: "**** off, why should i give u any of my alocohol? the shops 5 mins away." sadly these are all true stories

    virgo - n/a

    libra - n/a

    scorpio - n/a

    sagittarius - was ok. no attraction at all when i met up with him when i was sobre tho. he was quite insecure.

    capricorn - n/a

    aquarius - am flirting with one now. Hes extremely slow, casual, a bit dumb and isnt giving me enough attention/making me feel special. think i might just leave this one

    pisces - too clingy, rang me literally ten times a day, starting from the day we met. He rang me 2 hours after we'd met at 5am wanting to chat. Then wouldnt stop ringing or texting. Too clingy!! was very nice tho and so generous, even spent £100 on our first date, picked me up and everything . He was drop dead gorgeous aswell, he couldve been a movie star he was that hot . But just too clingy. Made me feel that there was something wrong


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  • 1 decade ago

    Aries- He was so cool. He acted like he was the sh*t, like he was all that. As I got to know him he turned into my worse nightmare! He tried to turn all my friends agenst me and made up things about me. Now that its finally over he de-nighhhhz ever going out with me because Im not blonde and popular enough for him. I hate him now and I seek revenge!

    Capricorn- He was so sweet at first and then he turned into this low class jerk face! He insulted me constantly. He called me a flat chested b*tch! He never had any respect for me and hes made me cry millions of times and for some reason I stayed with him. Its finally over but secretly, I want him back.

    Aquarius- We are still together. Hes the best thing thats ever happened to me. All I wunna do is be around him! Hes perfect! Hes the one! I want to marry this man! Hes just all I've ever wanted in any sort of guy and he loves me back! He acts alittle distant , I wish he'd shower me with his love and affection for me MORE. I have to pull it out of him.

    Source(s): Libra wunna be Love Guru
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  • 1 decade ago

    Scorpio - very sweet, incredibly loyal but I just wasn't attracted to him.

    Aquarius - too similar to me, but a lovely person. It didn't last long.

    Pisces - started off OK then we argued about everything. We lived quite far apart and he started treating me like cr@p, telling his ex that he missed her and then having met a girl on the night I left him. We split, and he bad-mouthed me to everyone, despite me having only ever been nice to him. Six months later and he was begging me back!

    Cancer - was OK for a while, then he became quite fickle. He left me and proceeded to date every female in my friendship group.

    Cancer - messed me around for six months. Told all his friends that he liked me, and then wouldn't be straight with me behind closed doors.

    Cancer - confused about his sexuality. It was nice whilst it lasted but he realised he was gay (not joking).

    Aries - just crazy. Too clingy, wouldn't let me breathe. Stalked me for months after our split and I had to get an injunction.

    Cancer (my current partner) - sweet, lovely, affectionate and LOADS of fun to be with. He is 100% devoted and loyal, and I couldn't ask for more in a man. He's perfect :)

    Source(s): Aquarius
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  • Diane
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Mars in Aries or Scorpio Moon in Leo or Aries Sun in Scorpio, Leo or Aries all in all it does not matter what sign your Mars in Aries or Scorpio does that to a woman

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  • 1 decade ago

    Leo- he is nice and sweet sometimes, but i can't have deep conversations with him, we have some trust issues. He kinda only thinks about himself, but he is working on it. Maybe it's just me, we are opposites after all.

    Source(s): Aquarius
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    my ex; a virgo. he was sweet, but very boring to talk to and we eventually broke up.

    Source(s): taurus
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