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career in clinical psychology....need advice/help?

i am currently in 12th...i have commerce with maths as my subjects...i know there are many career options for a commerce student and psychology is not a very popular course...but i think i might be interested in it...

i dont wanna do something just for money or just coz everyone else is doing it......i like helping people...n i searched about psychology....particularly clinical psychology...n i sorta liked it....

but like today i had this friend come over...and when i told her this she was like 'the scope for psychology is eco (hons)..or bbs ...n ol that...they are good career wise...n bring loads of money n all that...

m confused now.....please help....n a first person account of a psychologist would b just great...if possible....thanks

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    0 scope in psychology? Oh how wrong.

    I'm a psych major about to graduate undergrad, and I'm focusing on clinical psychology. Here's the thing about psychology: you can't do anything great with a bachelor's in psychology (so, just after graduating college), but if you get a masters degree (which is 2 more years of education AFTER graduating college) or a doctoral degree (which is 4-6 more years of education AFTER college), then you have incredible opportunities.

    The plus side of economics/business related topics, is you don't need to further your education after college and you'll find decent job opportunities. Furthering your education after college, however, will give you great opportunities in psychology. A doctoral degree in clinical psychology is much more favorable as only some states in the USA will allow you to do clinical-based work with a masters.

    So to summarize: if you want to do therapy with ample job opportunities, then psychology is the way to go, but you'll have to do more education (graduate school) for 4-6 years after you graduate college.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Psychology major and intern.
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    Hope this doesn't sound like a slacker answer. I have a background in physics, math, and computers. I didn't get serious about my studies til my late 20's, and up until then, I played a LOT. I worked jobs that seemed like fun or that would just pay the bills, and I really enjoyed myself. In the meanwhile, not being paid well motivated me to get an advanced degree and pursue my career seriously, and now that's paying off, too. Honestly, I'd enjoy your early adulthood and follow your heart, with the caveat that you can't burn bridges--don't make decisions that will limit your future options. You're obviously a bright guy/gal, and that's not going to change. So long as you have the option of going back to U at a later time, I say enjoy yourself for now and follow your heart. You can always pick up another degree, but you can't go through your 20s again. Just my 2 cents.

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