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what is wounder mail in pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness?

what is wounder mail and what are codes for it and how do you get it to work. im only on chapter 10

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    The Wonder Mail is a feature of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and is an option on the main menu. By putting a 24-character password (or 36-character password in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer of Sky) into the Wonder Mail option, you are able to add into your player's job lists, which can in turn, allow you to recruit a Pokemon you can't obtain through normal game-play.For example, entering in a password that unlocks the Shimmering Dessert dungeon will allow you to recruit Groudon because he can only be found in this dungeon, and cannot be obtained through normal game-play. Unlocking a dungeon will also allow you to obtain special items like the Secret Slab and Mystery Part, which is required if you want to recruit certain legendary Pokemon. Here are some Wonder Mail code generator: Darkness and Time Sky Red and Blue

    You can also find Wonder Mail code on the official Pokemon website:

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