Ive watched Skins, Prison Break and 90210. What should i watch next? Lost, Gossip girl, One tree hill, 24?,?

Okay ive watched skins and thought the series was great. Loved 90210! Cant wait for it come back...Prison Break is greatest show on TV. Now i need a new show to watch now i plan on watching the series of all these shows.

One tree hill

The OC


Gossip Girl



Desperate Housewives.

Based on the shows ive watched (Prison break, skins and 90210) do you have any other show recommendations that i havent already mentioned? Also mention any other show you think is awesome! I love the whole suspense kind of thing created by Prison break which is my favourite.

But i liked the whole kind of high school storyline of 90210, which out of the shows listed above should i start watching first which is the best? I have Gossip Girl ready to watch now should i start watching it? Im watching every show from season 1 by the way.

I heard brothers and sisters is good? Is it any good basically which show is the best and which should i start watching first feel free to make any recommendations on any shows you think are awesome! Bare in mind i don't like any spooky murder, tv shows or magical shows like charmed! Haven't watched charmed but i don't really the whole theme of it.



Lol im only watching these shows because were on holiday at the moment and its something to watch in my spare time lol. If i was "addicted" to TV i would have been watching them all when they were aired on tv and not now in my spare time lol muppet.

Not everyone goes out every minute of the day and if you do your sad mate there are times to stay at home cuddle up on the sofa with your girlfriend and enjoy a nice tv show lol. The only reason im watching it is because of her and guess what im enjoying it! TV shows are great so whatever loser!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've watched Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, and House,

    I plan on watching 24, I've seen the adverts and it seems good. I've started watching this show that somes on Sky2 called Bones, It's really good.

    I havent watched Lost.

    I watch Scrubs too, ir's really funny.

    I don't like The OC that much, but Desperate Housewives is good.

    Um...yeah I don't actually get the whole "loser, sad, muppet" thing your talkin about, all I do is stay home glued 2 my Tv and computer with some Pringles! Lol I have a kind of addiction.=]

    LOL I watch em by myself though, I'm single, me!


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  • Tina
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    4 years ago

    No one has any reason to suspect the vapidity of liberalist TV. I suspect the typical Republican doesn't watch anything other than, for news, Fox. Please accept that liberals are a diverse group and are more interested in diverse programmes than only 'Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, America's Next Top Model' etc. Many liberals not only watch the news but specific areas of news that are of interest to them like the conservative-breed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    From your list, I'd recommend Heroes, Lost, 24 and then Desperate Housewives.

    As for other shows, you might like Battlestar Galactica, Ugly Betty, The Shield or The Wire (although the last two are pretty intense) or Rome.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    personally i love grey's anatomy. &since you like house, i think you'd really enjoy it too.

    it comes on lifetime from 6-9 pm

    &newer episodes air on abc at 9 on thursdays

    private practice is a spin off about it, with one of the doctors ex wife living in LA as a doctor.

    i'm just gonna throw this out there too- charmed really isn't that bad. i honestly recommend giving it a try. its actually not all just stupid magic stuff, because personally, i hate magic shows too. i hate weird scifi stuff &i'm not into like, fantasy. but i really love charmed because the characters are just so lovable &its really not just all about magic.

    house is okay too. how i met your mother? medium which i guess would be considered spooky murder, but its really good. gilmore girls, that seventy's show, nip/tuck, glee (since you like the whole high school thing), greek.


    ^that's a great website to use to get caught up on some of the shows i mentioned. hope i helped :)

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  • Koko
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    1 decade ago

    i'm a big fan of 24, gossip girl and desperate housewives so i'd recommend those.

    My other fave shows which i think you'd also like are:

    Grey's anatomy (medical drama)

    Private Practice (is a spin off of GA but is great in its own right, maybe even better!)

    Supernatural (self explanatory!)

    In treatment (drama about a therapist and his patients, has sexy gabriel byrne!)

    The mentalist (really original crime drama/comedy, has sext simon baker!)

    Law and order svu

    Damages (glen close as a tough lawyer, like a thriller type drama)

    Glee (just amazing!)

    Source(s): me! i watch these shows religiously!
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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    I personally love LOST. If you watch that, be sure to add Fringe to your list - it's made by the same guy and has a lot of unlikely but perfectly possible scientific incidents in it. Like a gas that turns air into a solid substance, encasing it's victims in what looks like glass. :O

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  • 1 decade ago

    24! It's just a great show. The storylines are great, acting is even better and leaves you dying to see the next episode.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The direction of my thoughts - with the sustained stupidity these people are exhibiting, I hesitate to voice them - is that you might wanna watch HBO's Deadwood.

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  • Supernatural! Modern Family! Spooks!

    You shall not be disappointed!

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