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Can I enter Nepal via land? Where?


I would like to know if from India (or Bangladesh) I can enter Nepal via land or I need to fly into Kathmandu,

The map shows the south of Nepal as very close to either India or Bangladesh but I am not sure if there is any border crossing ( this last option, if applicable, would save me a lot of money),

thank you

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    From India (New Delhi)

    If you take a over night train from New Delhi to Raxaul (India) and to Birgunj(Nepal) by local vehicle then from Birgunj you can travel all over Nepal. From Delhi to Raxaul would costs you about 1000 Indian Currency (20-30USD) and is a good service with Air Con and some food will be provided on an extra cost. this service Departs Delhi around 4pm and Arrive Raxaul next evening around 8 or 9pm. From Birgunj you can carry on by bus or local fast running micro-bus (as they say) in about not more than 500 Nepali Rupees to Kathmandu. This means, you can travel from Delhi to Kathmandu for less than 50 USD. Beaware of pick pockets and police torture, immigration, luggage handling on both train stations and some hassles in Birgunj immigration.

    This is based on my actual experience and saved more than 12,000 Indian Rupee (Jet air flight). And it was great journey. (I would recommend this route)

    Or you can take train from Delhi to Gorakhpur and local transport to Bhairahawa (I don't recommend this route as I faced more difficulty and I don't remember Cost of travelling).

    From Bangladesh

    This is what I have heard - through Fulbari Highway that connects Bangladesh-India-Nepal you can enter to the eastern part of Nepal i.e. Kakadvitta. But you need to find out more about this route.

    Nepal is really a beautiful place to be.

    Good Luck.

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    You can enter Nepal through India as Nepal has border with India on 3 sides(East, West and South)

    You can enter from any of these three sides. Look map of Nepal & India for convenience.

    There are many places of india bordered with Nepal through road. So look at maps.

    Also Nepal & India have an open border ie citizens of India don't need Visa or Passport to enter Nepal and the same for Nepalese citizens.

    But for that you must be a Indian or Nepalese citizen i guess. But on my trip to India through Nepal by land i saw many Europeans and Americans moving in and out of Nepal in the Nepal-India border ie Nepalgunj-Rupediha. I think its illegal but no one said anything.

    I guess you may not be able to enter in Nepal through Bangladesh because Nepal has no border with Bangladesh. You have to step in India first. From Bangladesh you have to fly to Nepal. Look map/atlas for convenience.

    Source(s): My Experience!
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    You can enter from India, from eastern Nepal, south of Nepal and Western Nepal. You can go by bus from all these points. Since Nepal is not directly connected with Bangladesh, No matter what you have to go via India unless you fly.

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    I don't know about from Bangladesh, but you can get a train from Delhi - the railway goes as far as the Nepal boarder and then you need to get on a bus for the rest of the way. It's a fantastic journey and a lot cheaper than flying if you've got the time (about 3 days) - it costs about $30 - 40 for a ticket. The boarder crossing is simple enough - you just get off the bus and go through a passport control / visa station, and then get back on. Good luck xxx

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    You can get to Nepal from India. You can take the train or the bus.

    Sometimes you can cross the border into China/Tibet, but recently the rules have been changing.

    Best way would be to take the bus from will take a while, but it's a great experience!!

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    Come to Mechinagar and enter . You can fly from near there or catch a bus to Kathmandu. Deepak's TT and Satati Counter in the town will be of help.Contact Deepak Limbu on arrival. His counter is next to the bus stop and as the town is tiny, all know the famous D.Giri.

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    attain to Delhi, after that take prepare for Siwan (Bihar). From there you would be able to get 4 wheeler to Birganj. Birganj is a border city. after crossing the border you would be able to get taxis and buses for Kathmandu. yet i will advise to take a flight for Kathmandu for a hazel unfastened adventure.

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    yes, through gorakpur in india you can enter by road. and you can take the train from delhi to gorakpur.

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