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I need help training my puppy to stop biting?

She only bites when she gets really excited while playing. It's hard to make her stop because she's deaf and can't really get a grasp on the stop command. If I give her a light tap on the bottom and tell her to stop, she just gets more excited and thinks I'm still playing. Does anyone have tips on how I can teach her to stop biting? The whole pop on the nose thing doesn't really work either. I want to take her to an obedience trainer, but my mom doesn't want to out the money so it's my job to train her. Any ideas? I'm thinking of investing in a vibrating collar, but that's just to get her attention when she's outside and can't hear to come back. I don't think that will help with this problem, so any help would be welcome. Thanks.

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    Wow - she's deaf. Good for you for taking her in. When my dogs were puppies a surefire way to stop them from biting was to simply put them in their cage for 30 seconds (no more, no less) each and every single time they put teeth to human. In my case I would also use the words ' no biting', but in your case you can't do that. There must be some sort of method you use to let her no the concept of NO. Use that in this case. If she ends up in her crate every time she puts her teeth on a person she will learn very quickly that biting doesn't get her what she wants. My lsat dog got this figured out in 2 days. It was tedious. It seemed like I was putting him in his crate for 30 seconds every 60 seconds, but I was consistent and firm and hung in there and it works! Good luck! Try googling info on training deaf dogs. There should be loads of information about that out there!

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    Not to bite fingers isn't something she would have learned from her mother anyway. You just need to set her some bounderies. The quickest way I've learned to stop a dog from nibbiling on fingers is to press your thumb into the bottom of her mouth when she starts to bite with your other fingers under her chin to press against. Don't be afraid to press hard. It's not really that painfull, but it's pretty shocking. Tell her no a second before you do it and hold the pressure till she starts to pull away or yells. It's probably not going to be a yell of pain but one of suprise. My dog yells when I sneek up on her. So try that and it should only take twice or so. If it takes alot more then your not pressing hard enough. It just makes them associate bitting hands with a bad sensation. Make sure that she really is bitting and is not just mouthing. Keep in mind that puppies need to chew and give her a variety of things that are okay for her to chew on. Good luck.

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    Puppy biting is a normal, natural, and necessary puppy behavior. Puppy play-biting is the means by which dogs develop bite inhibition and a soft mouth. The developing puppy should learn that his bites can hurt long before he develops jaws strong enough to inflict injury. Good bite inhibition is the most important quality of any companion dog. Moreover, a dog must develop bite inhibition during puppyhood, before he is four-and-a-half months old. Here are more tips:


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    Put one or to hands up and push them out toward your fur-baby. Use a stern look. They pick up as much with a look and movement as sound. If that does not work the good old fashion spray bottle will. Just keep it handy and spray her every time she does an unwanted action. Best of Luck!

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    spray bottle is the best Ive found. I will catch her attention and dogs hate it so it usually stops them cause they don't want to be sprayed again. Keep it out of reach though cause some dogs will chew it up cause they learn to hate the spray bottle :)

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    put a THIN layer of butter on the FINGERS the taste sold keep him from biting

    you can also use

    lemon juice

    pickle juice

    hot sauce


    and stuff with a bad oder or taste

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    What I usually do and trust me it doesnt hurt

    I take my fingers and gently close her mouth.

    Do it gently.

    and then tap her on the nose.

    If she doesnt stop biting point your finger at her with a serious look.

    It works for mine.


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