Where can I find a museum dedicated to Harold Bell Wright?

I have heard there are a number of museums dedicated to the author Harold Bell Wright or who have items of interest to HBW fans. Where can I find these museums?

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    Harold Bell Wright Museum

    3609 West 76 Country Blvd

    Branson, MO 65616

    Phone: 417-823-8645

    Toll-Free: 1-800-987-6298

    See one of Harold Bell Wright's original manuscripts, gun collection, woodworking tools, original paintings, and much, much more! Harold Bell Wright wrote a number of best selling books in the early - mid twentieth century. Because of the popularity of his books, he was the first writer to become a millionaire from his writing. His books were number one selling books, outside of the Bible, for many years and are still popular today. Several movies were based on his books. John Wayne was one of his stars!

    While visiting the Harold Bell Wright Museum you will be able to read a letter written to the Wright family from President Reagan expressing his appreciation for Harold Bell Wright and the influence he had in Reagan's early life.


    Imperial Valley, Holtville and El Centro, California

    The Imperial Valley, located in the southeastern corner of California, was the setting for the book, The Winning of Barbara Worth, and was Wright's home from 1907 to 1914. In my Collectibles book I stated that Harold Bell Wright lived in El Centro, now the county seat of Imperial County, but that is not precisely correct. He lived just to the east of El Centro in a little area he named Meloland. Quentin Burke, Harold Bell Wright Society president, adds that Wright's Tecolote Rancho at Meloland was on the outskirts of the town of Holtville, which is where Wright received his mail, shopped, and sent his children to school.

    Today, the road next to cultivated land where his house, studio, and horse stables once stood is named Barbara Worth Road. Nearby is the Barbara Worth Resort Country Club -- which was there in the early 1930's, but not during Wright's residency in the Imperial Valley.

    A California Registered Historical Landmark was installed and dedicated near the Holtville home of Harold Bell Wright on April 27, 2002. The Imperial County Historical Society has also installed a large plaque in front of the Barbara Worth Resort Country Club. It notes that Wright lived near that location and comments on his importance to valley history. http://www.gchudleigh.com/el_c.htm

    Harold Bell Wright Museum

    Pierce City's Harold Bell Wright Museum is housed in the former First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), also known as the Pierce City Christian Church, and the "Harold Bell Wright Library and Museum" building located at 404 North Walnut Street (Pierce City, Missouri).


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    Harold Bell Wright Museum

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