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Whats somthing scary that has happened in your town?

Where I live their was a dead body found in our water tower.. and it was there for like 2 weeks.

Our drinking water, bath water, shower water, washer water..


I don't drink faucet anymore.

What happened in your town?

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    Eeewww!! I would guess a decomposing corpse would give a weird taste/smell to your water, at least I hope so.

    Nothing much happens where I live, except car crashes (which is why I moved here). Recently, a freshman at the University got arrested with marijuana felonies after he was found with “a green leafy substance” and a scale. It’s very scary to me because my son goes to the same University and I caught him smoking something. I told him that whatever he does, not being honest about it would be the worst thing he could do to me so now he’s not hiding anymore. He can’t really hide it anyway because I can smell it a mile away. I never smoked marijuana (I’ve never been to college) but I’m told I should try it. I don’t because I have an addictive personality and I’m afraid to become a junky of top of all my problems.

    I hope that guy who got arrested was not my son’s dealer and then he finds another dealer who would be an undercover narc!!

    My son is the best son a mother could have. He’s smart, has perfect grades, he’s handsome, athletic, he has the best heart, he’s caring, love animals, he’s funny with a great sense of humor, he’s a good driver with a perfect driving record, he has the cutest girlfriend, he’s affectionate and helped me tremendously when I went through my divorce last year when I was a pile of emotional instability and he was my rock. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a great person in my life.

    So…the only thing I don’t like is that he smokes pot but I heard it’s just a college phase…right?

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    wow that sucks

    well since nothing ever happens in my town last week near the gas station where i live only 3 mins away there were two people stabbed cops were there and stuff there were three people 17,18,19 year olds two got stabbed

    last year old lady's got caught with drug possession at there retirement home they were old like grandparents old so yea but your is just eww

    my parents dont allow us to drink water from the town the faucets because a couple of years ago the town found that the water could be dangerous the water can cause cancer,unborn babies can be born autistic, so yea they haven't fixed the problem cheep town

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    An 18 year old guy was randomly attacked by a group of 7 people with machete on my road in broad daylight. The worst thing is that no one noticed it happening, my road is pretty dead most of the time.

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    A couple of years ago a pregnant woman got stabbed to death at a train station....her baby was removed from her stomach & found a few blocks away on someones doorstep.

    & in '07 a woman had killed her husband shoved him into a rubbish bag & left him in the garage for 2 months o.O

    Yes, our town is pretty messed up.

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    down the street from me these 2 guys in my school chopped up another girl from my school and raped her then tried to throw her into a river also 3 people were murdered about a year ago at the game stop by my house and a girl was just ran over by a car a few weeks ago in my town

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    Knock on wood but nothing much happens in this sleepy old town...what's scary is when our horses fall sick!!!! lol seriously that's one of the worst things that happen around here. There used to be a robber until they were caught and put in prison.

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    There's a small private cemetery in a very remote area in the woods. It's very much haunted. No kidding.

    Gravestones uproot themselves and fly at people. I think it's been under paranormal investigation a few times.

  • 5 years ago

    One day a lion escaped from the zoo and killed 4 people 2 miles away from my street. The worst thing is that they were killed in a park and that they're bodies were mutulated like in the anime "Parasyte". Each man was in 5 pieces...

    Source(s): Ghrost.
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    well at a apartmetn complex near me one morning someone woke up and found a dead body in regular clothes in the pool

    and then theres this place by a river and if you park their with the door unlocked put baby powder on the windows and say i have your baby ten times your doors will automaticcaly somehow lock and baby prints will present themselves on your windows

    Source(s): well thats what i heard
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    two dead bodies were found down the road from me...

    been there for like 10 days

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