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what are good dares for someone playing by thereself?

im grounded to my room and am dying of boredom. you can make them as dirty as you want!! and if it helps im a girl!

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    -i dare you to eat mustard, mayo, ketcup, and vinegar in a cup

    -i dare you to stuff a whole bag of potatoe chips in your mouth

    -i dare you to walk around the house screaming I LIKE GAY PEOPLE

    -i dare you to prank call your parents

    -i dare you to run around the neighborhood in your underwear

    -i dare you to give someone a lap dance

    -i dare you to freeze your bra

    -i dare you to put toothpaste all over your face

    -i dare you to make out with a pillow

    -i dare you to stink your hand in the toilet

    -i dare you to brush someone elses teeth

    -i dare you to wear a paper bag that says my mother is ashamed of me

    -i dare you to lick someone elses foot

    need more? just ask =]

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