My Depreciation Roof Reparing Check was stated to be Unpaid to the Company.?

Ok this company came to repair our roof, we gave them the first check then they put a new roof on. Then the insurrance company send us the depreciation check, i called in and the guy said someone around there will come and pick it up on that date. On that date, someone did came and pick it up. And on the yellow paper of amoung i have to pay which i already have from before, he circle the amount of depreciation amount that i have to pay and write down "Collected" on the date, and he sign his name. And several months later, I recieve a letter from the Roofing company and they said that we have an unpaid depreciation check, and i called in told them wat happen, and the lady said she will change it in the system. And 2-3 Months later i got another letter, saying i have not payed, i called it, this time they said there no record in the system that said i have paid them the depreciation check yet. And they asked for the check number. I dont have that anymore.

Other Information:: When i gave the guy the check, there was notin refering to the Company, or our claim #'s. Can He Use the Check for himself??

And if He did, Will I Still Have To Pay for the Unpaid Amount??

What should i do?


Oh hey i just called and my insurrance guy said it was cashed in October the month i gave the guy the check. so wat now? :(

Update 2:

Thanks alot Margarita D, i hope it was the company that cashed the check, if not i will ask u for more helps if u dont mind.

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    I hope this roofing company was a local one. If it was go to there office and get this straightened out. If the roofing company was some out of state "carpetbagging" place you need to document everything real well.

    I co-own and independent adjusting company and in our territory we had a a lot of hail claims 2 yrs ago. A roofing company from out of state came through and somehow managed to convince people to hire them even though they were from 450 miles from here. I know of three cases where there was some weird stuff going on with the depreciation checks. The homeowner swears they endorsed the check and gave it to the roofing company. However the roofing company says they never got the checks are they are hounding the homeowners for the depreciation amount. The checks were cashed but the roofing company still claims they don't have the money.

    First thing Monday morning you need to call your claim adjuster and find out if the check has been cashed. If it has ask them to get you a copy that you can send to the roofing company.

    If the check hasn't been cashed have the adjuster put a stop pay in the first one and re-issue a new check. To make it easier for you, If the roofing is not local I would suggest that you tell the adjuster you are OK with them sending the new check direct to the roofing company without you being listed as a payee. If it is a local roofer ask the adjuster to send you a new check in both your name and the roofing company name. Then take the check to them and get a receipt then endorse the check.

    Good Luck and don't wait call your adjuster Monday morning!

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    Just get in touch with the adjustor who handled your claim and explain the situation to her or him and ask them to speak with the roofing company so that they can verify if the check was cashed. If it was not cashed the adjustor can re-issue another check and mail it directly to the roofing company. And if the check was cashed, your adjustor will be able to provide proof to the roofing company. If it turns out that someone stole the check and fraudulently cashed it, the roofing company will have to sign an affidavit to that effect before they can recover the funds.

    Bottom line while the situation might get somewhat complicated depending on what happened, you will not end up having to pay this. Get in touch with the adjustor asap.

    I hope this information helps. Good Luck

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