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"Residential college"?

One of the schools I'm looking very closely at describes itself as a residential college. If you look up a list of residential colleges it wouldn't be on the list, just on its' website on the housing page it says they are a residential college. Does this mean everyone is required to live on campus? It doesn't say anything on the site about that requirement, and when I have visited the school they never mentioned that requirement. I just can't believe I would have missed that detail during my visit.

(I do want to live on campus but I have pets. I am working with the college to get pet-friendly housing, but they said that is a policy they cannot change until I am a student there.)


No, I'm talking about Hendrix College (I was trying not to say the name, but I guess it's okay lol). I have a ferret. I thought of the service animal thing but I'm afraid he isn't much of a service ferret :/

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    "Residential College" is Yale jargon. If that's the college you're talking about, they really want you to live on campus when you're a freshman. We had a cat in our room when I was a freshman there, but he was kind of contraband.

    If your animal is some kind of service animal I bet you can work it out.

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    A residential college is a college that has dorms on campus. On-campus living is available to students.

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