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Child Support Checks being taken In full?

If a person owes child support for one year and finally starts working can the checks be taken out in full? leaving the person with a balance of 0 for the checks?


Thank you to everyone for all the help. what can a person do if a pay check came out to 0 due to child support?

To: no1advice---- This is a situation that happened to my Fiance, he received a paycheck of $0. Its not me that is claiming the child support at all.

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    No, at the maximum, 55% of gross can be taken, but the standard if 50% over the regular payment amount. But, due to the circumstances, if not done before, and attempt should be made to get a retroactive reduction due to the unemployment. This idea was promoted by Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

    One of the major problems with gender bias in the child support system is that fathers are not told the child support enforcement provides FREE LEGAL representation in obtaining a reduction in child support due to a change in circumstances, such as being laid off (not fired) from a job.


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    As a victim of a disgruntled ex-spouse who has literally taken me through the ringer as it pertains to child support, technically it is illegal to take more than 65% of a man's gross income for child support (this includes both current and or any arrearage). However, across the United States there are many men who after laboring very hard end up with checks every week that say $0.00. One of the reasons is because in most cases a set amount for child support is automatically taken out of the man's (and in rare cases, woman's) check. As such this amount is not automatically adjusted when less hours are worked, etc., etc., and as such there are many cases when an individual's check is either $0.00 or close to it. I myself got sick and took off a week, which resulted in less hours worked (translating into less money earned), and when I received my check for one week of work due to the same amount of child support being taken out as if I had worked two full weeks my net pay was $0.00.

    I have always financially and socially taken care of my children, and only left my ex because she was a adulteress, drug using, club hopping, street hanging harlot. Now she gets my support through child support and I have to live in my friend's basement with no car barely making it, because I was "the good guy" and responsible adult in the marriage. So much for justice! The child support system sucks!!!

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    No but they will take a percentage. It's different depending on how much you make and how much you owe etc. My brother had this happen and even had his tax refund taken away bc of what he owed. (and yes they took the ENTIRE tax refund). And ps when they took the percentage out of his check for what he owed he wasn't able to pay his bills. When he bought that up in court they just said that the child didn't ask to be born into that situation and took it anyway. He couldn't even live after the regular payments each month! I moved in with him to help pay the rent, utilities and food bills.

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    Usually a percentage of child support can be taken out of each check..per state laws/per would need to contact your child support case manager.

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    Damalokes I think gives this a NO.

    Princess - you have a heart like a stone to want to take it all out in full because the man must be able to live. You should be ashamed of yourself for even asking this question.

    Hence the name Princess.

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    Wow, it extremely is one 0.33 of his pay and that's evaluating the after tax to the in the previous tax. i'm guessing his honestly take domicile pay is around $20,000 to perhaps $22,000. that must be approximately 40% of his take domicile pay is going in the direction of this. it extremely is plenty. of direction, what number childrens is he helping and how previous are they? this may well be too plenty and it won't be adequate. It relies upon on the different a million/2 of the story. exciting. I appeared and located a table of projected costs to boost a newborn. A one 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous in one discern kin would desire to choose around $5440. I guess that this parent varies from section to section based on the cost of residing although. Your chum is paying $8400 a 300 and sixty 5 days. it extremely is definately greater effective than the standard. in spite of the shown fact that, like I suggested that's greater by way of cost of residing.

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    Nope -

    They can only take out whatever the courts have ordered plus 10% for the back support

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    No, but it would be a nice punishment for some guys who really just don't try to help to take care of their child.

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    No. come on - let the guy at least be able to feed himself.

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