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Are men with bigger penis' more confident around women?

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    I'm confident in dealing with women because I'm fit, smart and good at dealing with people. Im longer and much thicker than the average, but that's not why I'm confident. Although, It's a huge ego boost to know you can drive nearly any woman up the walls in ecstacy.

    For instance, Cara, if we had sex I know you would feel intense sexual pleasure and come hard at least twice. I know without any doubt I can please a woman I care to.

    I have been with four women, I don't have sex outside a committed relationship and I always got her to reach orgasm because I've studied the female anatomy. I'm attentive not just a battering ram.

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    Some are. And sometimes this overconfidence has no basis in reality but is based on the assumption that a particular part of their anatomy is going to somehow earn a woman's admiration or drive her to ecstasy.

    Some average and especially smaller than average guys are needlessly insecure, even when they've actually taken the time and show the sensitivity to learn how they can please a woman in all sorts of ways.

    But I've also known confident men with small penises and insecure men with large ones. For that matter, confidence varies through the years and even from day to day.

    It should also be noted that there are men with 7 inches in length or more who are still convinced that they're "small" or that women would prefer bigger. I'm sure a few do, but for me that big is likely to be painful without a lot of preparation and careful positioning.

    Some guys just won't listen to that though. Just as some will ignore if I say that one of the most fabulous lovers I ever had was just over 4" long.

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    Well, from what I hear from male friends who have asked me about this question - being that I seem to be an overall, (trusted advice giver) to these friends, because I haven't a carnal nor romantic interest in them, I'm asked IF I know what other women believe as to this topic. My answer seems always to be the same, as many women as there are, there is variety as to what they like, or prefer.

    And as far as a man's confidence depends upon, I suppose that size would enter or influence either lack of self esteem, or how confident they already ARE (not so much size) as to perform as good lovers.

    I truly think it is performance, and true give and take between lovers which makes the difference. No size. For there is nothing so disregarding as a well endowed man who is unaware of his partner's presence, ALSO, while love making.

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    I think yes. Guys with bigger penises have more confidence cuz it's the ideal in our society across the board. Trust me mine is small n it bothers me sometimes all day long where I can't even focus on my job. The rejection I have gotten multiple times is real. 27 I'm smart I look good but less than 5 sexual partners peimarily because of penis size.

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    I don't have a big one and I am confident with the ladies.

    A friend of mine has about 9 inches (much bigger than me) and he isn't so confident.

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