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17 year old guy sleeping with a teddy bear?

Ok, so there's a friend of mine who's always there for me. Whenever I need her she's there to give me a hug at school and it really does help me a lot...she's become like a big sister to me. What's been happening recently is that before I go to sleep, or just whenever, I need a hug. Since she's not there to give me one I've brought down the teddy bear I used to have as a little kid and hug it (pretending its her) and then I go to sleep with it.

The thing is that I'm a 17 year old guy. Is this normal or should I just stop?


What's also weird is that I want to buy another teddy bear so that I can name it after my friend.

I don't want to change the bear's name after 17 years.

Update 2:

Bettas, I think of her like a sister. I'd never do tht.

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    Psh, I'm a 23 year old who still sleeps with her blankie.

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    I sleep with a teddy bear, and I am a lot older. I actually use the bear as pillow, and if I am on the road (I travel a lot), I tend to do the same thing with a regular pillow - bunch it up so I can sleep on my side. I have normal relationships, no attachment to my childhood, no stuffed animal fetish, etc. The only thing that may be a bit different about me - besides the bear - is that I don't give a darn what anyone thinks of me. Maybe your pal doesn't either.

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    I'm a 20 year old guy. And I have this bestest friend in the whole wide world and her name is Abby Gale and I knew her scince we were one years I haven't seen her in six years and I really miss her and I have this teddy bear I named after her and I sleep with it and hug it..thats how much I miss her. Is this normal for me?

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    teddy bears do not care what your age is that is one good thing about them they will be there for you if you need them

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    Oh, don't be silly, Harry states.

    A teddy bear can always be there for you to hug!

    Nothing wrong with it, don't worry what others say.

  • If it works for you then keep doing it. It's fine as long as you don't go hugging it in public or carrying it around as a

    But really it's fine and don't worry about it

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    10 years ago

    My brother did that and my mom stole it from him.

    It's time to let teddy go

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    Haha, its ok. Just don't tell anyone...and don't ever think the teddys her and get in know..mood

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    10 years ago

    my bf is 18 and he still sleeps with his baby blanket. all it is now is a knot of strings but he holds it in his hand as he sleeps.

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    Uh it's a little unnatural but what ever you want to do.

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