What do Jehovah's Ws children do at school during Valentines Day?

I am a teacher in public school, and one of the teachers for my special ed kids threw the biggest Valentine day party I have ever sen in school. There were so many parents there volunteering and candy galore. Even sugar free candy in case there was a diebetic.

The parents of many of the kids sent the most beautiful Valentine cards to their kids, and the teacher read aloud the dedications on the cards. They said things like, "Dear, you were a tiny little creature when you were born, but you have grown in our hearts so big that you will never leave our hearts. We love you and are proud of you! Happy Valentines Day!"

They were so touching, and came with family pictures of the kids as inrfants. Some made them into little Cupids out of photo shop. Parents were crying. Even the kids let out an occasional "Awwww." (1st grade class btw. They do that a lot.)

Everybody gave Valentines, and everybody got valentines. Except for..... drum rol.....

The one JW kid. Her mom was there in the corner with her arms folded and a frown on her face. Her daughter was reading and doing homework, worsheets etc. I of copurse knew the first second that she was a JW. So Iwent over to talk to her just to see what she would say. She didn't speak English, she just said something like, "No lo permito."( "I don't allow it") I tried to engage her in Spanish but she just refused to get into the reasons. ""somos Testigos de Jehova'. No celebramos Valenmtine Day." That was about as much as she probably knew to say about it. I guessed that she was new to the JWs.

I asked the teacher, Ms. Lee after what she did with JW kids and if she had alternative parties for them. She just said "No." But then she said something that shocked and horrified me. "Most of the time they ask if it is an art project, and if I say "yes" then they say, well it's an educational art project so they can make all the hearts and Cupids they want."

I was floored. An art project that includes making Hearts on Valentines day and giving and receiving Valentines and candy?!!? WTF?

I have never heard of it before, Yet, Ms. Lee, teaching for over 30 years, said "MOST of the time" She said it was rare what the mother was doing to day, actually coming down to the school to make sure her child sis not do anything pagan.

Anyone else know what JW kids do on Valentines Day?

Oh, and I also asked the mom in question, if she gave cards etc. to her kid at other times during the year. She just looked completely condused at that question and just said "No."

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  • danman
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    10 years ago
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    Don't forget without such legalistic, talmudic rules of conduct, they would not be able to harp on how they are more Christ-like, they practice 'the true' religion.

    So they become just like the Sadducee's and Pharisee's of Jesus day who look for tiny infractions of the law instead of fulfilling the greatest commandments of Jesus sermon on the mount.

    Become a Jehovah's Witness and you can't...

    Celebrate Mother's Day

    Celebrate Father's Day

    Celebrate Grandparent's Day

    Celebrate Birthdays

    Celebrate Thanksgiving

    Celebrate New Year's Eve or Day

    Celebrate Christmas

    Celebrate Halloween

    Celebrate Easter

    Celebrate Flag Day

    Celebrate Independence Day (Fourth of July)

    Celebrate Hanukkah

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

    Celebrate Valentine's Day

    Celebrate "Any" Holiday

    Sing any Holiday Songs

    Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

    Create Holiday artwork in school

    Join the Boy Scouts

    Join the Girl Scouts

    Buy Girl Scout Cookies

    Become a Cheerleader

    Attend class reunions (No "Worldly" association)

    Go to the school prom

    Play School Sports (No competition allowed)

    Play Professional Sports

    Join any organization that has ties to Christianity

    Shop at the Salvation Army

    Volunteer for the Salvation Army

    Donate to Relief Organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Charities and more

    Shop at Church run thrift stores

    Shop at Church Garage Sales

    Shop at any Store that has Christian ties

    Contribute to the Red Cross

    Attend a Church School

    Join the YMCA

    Join or work for the Military ( work on military bases such as in the PX or clean homes on military bases)

    Become a Police Officer

    Attend Alcoholics Anonymous

    Have any job with a gun

    Strike against a Company

    Salute the Flag

    Sing the National Anthem

    Go to War

    Wear Clothing Associated with War; e.g. Combats or Army Tops

    Work in the United Nations building

    Karate - no martial arts of any kind

    Vote (Conscience matter now to please Governments, you will be ostracized if you do)

    Run for any Public Office

    Campaign for a Candidate

    Contribute to the Presidential Campaign Fund on your tax return

    Can join union, but not participate in its affairs

    Run for class president

    Join Sororities or Fraternities

    Participate in holiday parties at school

    Buy lottery tickets


    Play Bingo

    Can't buy a raffle ticket

    Date without supervision - young or old

    Date unless you are planning to marry them

    Watch R rated movies

    Cannot work on another Church

    Own a religious picture or statue

    Smoke cigarettes, pipes or a cigars

    Sell cigarettes, pipes or a cigars

    Accept Blood

    Donate Blood

    Store your own blood before an operation

    Eat blood sausages or sausages with "plasma" in ingredients

    Use fertilizes in your garden which has blood products in them

    Wear blue jeans or casual clothes to the Kingdom Hall

    Wear pants to the Kingdom Hall if you are a female

    Wear skirts or dresses that are above the knee at any time

    Wear any type of long hair if you are a man

    Wear a beard in some Kingdom Halls and areas (judged hard)

    Pierce ears if male, other body parts if female

    Have any tattoos

    Say curse words

    Can't be hypnotized

    Get divorced unless scriptural (adultery or fornication is committed by one partner) if you do divorce cannot remarry unless ex fornicates first

    Toast drinks (pagan origin)

    Throw rice at a wedding (pagan origin)

    Say "Bless You" when someone sneezes

    Say "Good Luck!", "Wish me Luck", "I was Lucky" or "You were Lucky"

    Tell ghost stories

    Practice Yoga

    Own a Smurf

    Eat Lucky Charms Cereal (References to Magical)

    Throw a penny into a wishing well

    Read Horoscopes

    Promote anything Superstitious

    Have wind charms because they represent a pagan symbol for scaring away demons

    Watch "Magic" acts or do "Magic" tricks

    See a Medium or Fortune Teller

    Watch TV Shows or Movies, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch", "Touched by an Angel", "Bewitched" , "Harry Potter", any Occult type shows

    Listen to certain classical music, like Shubert's Avé Maria. (Mary worship)

    Have ethnic decorative items in the house like Tikis or African masks

    Say "It was fate" or mention anything to do with "fate"

    Engage in any risky acts such as: Sky Diving, Bungie Jumping & Hang Gliding

    Have Jesus as your Mediator and Savior

    Can't partake in the Memorial of Jesus' death, by eating the unleavened bread or drinking the wine; only allowed if you are from the elite group of the 144,000

    A woman can't hold a position of responsibility in the congregation

    Wear or own a Cross

    Attend another Church (Spiritual Fornication)

    Have unauthorized Bible study groups

    Associate on a regular basis with nonbelievers

    Associate with ex-members

    Associate with disfellowshipped ones

    Talk with disfellowshipped ones

    Sue another Jehovah's Witness

    Marry a nonbeliever (If you do, you are judged hard by the congregation)

    Marry in another Church or attend a wedding in another Church

    Have a funeral in another Church or attend a funeral in another Church

    Pray, including holding your head down, when a nonbeliever prays

    Study other religious articles not from the Society

    Read negative information about the Society

    Question the Watchtower Society on anything

    Exercise your on conscience if it goes against the religion

    Question the Society or the Organization

    Have Christian freedom

    Some individual jw may claim that their own conscience may allow one or two of the above activities, but overall the list is representitive of their beliefs. Talmudic to say the least.

  • ?
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    10 years ago

    I don't understand why this upset you so much. I was raised as a JW (not one now) and whenever there was a Valentines Day/Christmas/Mothers Day etc "activity" going on in my school me and another JW child got given something else to do. It wasn't a big deal, the teachers and the other kids just recognized the fact that we didn't celebrate that stuff. We didn't get picked on, we didn't feel left out.

    This mother sounds a bit OTT so I wouldn't look on her as a great example.

  • 4 years ago

    Yeah, they are doing that at the Elementary levels here too...its very dumb, but when a parent complains the school board feels obligated to step in and make it all better....whats really happening is that "Grown-ups" are trying to rip the childhood out from underneath them. And if theis parent was so against Valentines day, she should be against other holidays as well, that can teach kids exactly the same thing. Im sure she didnt step in on Fat Tuesday and say it tought her child how to be a drunk? Its just a stupid school rule and the lady is being ridiculous.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Valentines Day has anyone looked up the origin? Origin of Valentine's Day began in Ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honor Juno, Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses..now should true christians take part in such a holiday? does it not say that all worship goes to god? one of his commandments...

    the origin of the holiday is point blank pagan..but you see many religons just dont get it..thats why there called false religon..they contradict what the bible teaches..

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  • Brook
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    10 years ago

    When I was in elementary school, there was one JW girl in my class. She was excused from all the holiday parties and got to go home.

  • 10 years ago

    um your kidding right? You really find this upsetting. I really don't think you need to worry about how happy and well cared for Jehovah' witness kids are when there are so many legitimately neglected children in the world.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    they celebrate NOTHING because they realize that most holidays we celebrate in america originate from pagan holidays and they assume (without researching for themselves) that pagan=evil.\

    sadly, most christianity is heading this way.

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