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Why are weather phenomenons like snow and heat waves always blamed on "global warming" or "climate change"?

Isn't there a difference between weather and climate?


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    They're generally not. But people do understand, correctly, that changes in global climate patterns may lead to more precipitation in some places and less in others.

    And the ones pretending that a big blizzard means no global climate change are the deniers. They are the ones who don't understand that snow ≠ change in a decades-long trend.

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    Joe, Your pathetic attempt to insult Americans, belies the idiotic nature of the lilberal elitists idiots of today. So lets tackle your problems one by one shall we? 1.) The person is asking why the warmers are using cold weather as proof of AGW and warm weather as proof of AGW. Instead of acknowledging that their are some warmers who are indeed doing this, but that AGW is about long term trends and that weather events should not really be considered, you pompously insult the person for not doing research? The people making claims of weather showing AGW are the ones not doing the research on the topic they are reporting about, yet you criticize a person for making an astute observation. 2.) You go on to insult Americans, by the suggestion that we are behind all other countries in education. You have not really done your research here (ironically enough, after having insulted someone for not doing their research). The truth is that there are many countries (but far from a majority) that do indeed test better than the US. When you look at the people being tested, however, you will see that the US and these countries are testing two different populations. In the US there are few that go to trade school and most we prep for college. In those other countries that are "above us" they pull the low performing students out and place them in trade schools. So while they are testing most kids in the US, they are testing the top kids in the other countries. Surprise, surprise, when the other countries come out as higher. And lets not forget about the fact that the US has the best secondary education system in the world. Unfortunately your arrogant elitists beliefs are the bread and butter of the current liberal movement. They arrogantly act as if all hard-working people of america are stupid beyond belief, just because they don't go peeing their pants over a <1 degree change in over 100 years. You act as if the hard working people of American are offensive as you sit there arrogantly beleiving you are better. And thats not offensive. While you go to your liberal friends and have them stroke your ego some more with this silly idea that you are the intellectually elite, your ability to truly think for yourself will become a distant memory. Edit for Joyce, Also, your hiding behind a psuedonym crap sounds like a threat. Most people here use screen names (warmers and skpetics alike). It serves as protection from idiots who are too self-involved to understand that a political and/or scientific discussion need not get violent or result in contacting employers with complaints and the silly nonesense that ensues. I am certain that even most warmers would not want to give their real name. Gaby, I completely agree with you!!! In fact if you look at how the data is collected, the variability in the data, the inconistencies across sites, etc, etc.etc. It is clear that we just do not knwo what the afffect is now, and nowhere near what the effect will be 100 years from now. Lets work together to figure out way of reducing CO2 just in case, but do so in way that do not require raising taxes or denying power to third world countries. I guess this viewpoint makes me a "denier" who doesn't undersstand basic physics.

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    Liberals have to explain how global warming can trigger these weather phenomenon because conservatives keep trying to use these weather phenomenon as evidence that the theory is invalid. There is a difference between weather and climate, but conservatives don't seem to recognize what that is, so liberals have to ignore the difference when trying to explain things to conservatives.

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    Because global warming causes dramatic shifts in climate and weather patterns.

    It doesn't mean everywhere is going to get warmer at once.

    When you mix to opposite conditions they just don't meet in the middle like uneducated people think they will.

    try dropping a red hot piece of metal into a glass of cold water.

    Do you think the reaction is going to be subtle and the water just get warmer while the metal gets cooler?

    The same type of violent reaction occurs at the interface between to opposite elements, when they first interact.

    regardless if you think global warming is a myth or not, pollution is not and the same tactics to reduce global warming are the same ones to reduce pollution that we know is bad for the environment.

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    because as the earth heats it effect the weather , global warming has led the less intelligent to assume a cold event is not caused by global warming


    1. the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc


    cli⋅mate  /ˈklaɪmɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [klahy-mit] Show IPA

    –noun 1. the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years.

    so weather is what is happening now and climate is the bigger picture in area and time

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    People need a cause and effect. They need to know why things happen. Like when in ancient times they would have an eclipse, they had no explanation, so they invented one to make them feel better. It took a long time to explain to them, that their old explanation was no longer valid. The world is not flat, "science" proved at one time it was, now it has proved that it isn't. Science said "salt" was bad for you, then it's not, then it is. People want answers whether they are the right answer or not, as long as they have one they are fine.

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    The theory basically states that the warmer climate will cause higher ocean temperatures, which means more ocean water evaporating. ... More water in the air results in more precipitation on earth.

    I do not belief this storm is proof of climate change.

    My point very simply is that strong winter storms ... do not by any stretch of the imagination rule out climate change.

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    Both sides are guilty of this. GW advocates are not shy about blaming every hurricane on global warming. GW skeptics are not shy about claiming that every blizzard or cold spell is a refutation.of the same. They're both wrong to do so, and good for you for knowing the difference.

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    The Liberals found away to steal power from the American people. They made up a fake crisis, many evil leaders did the same to gain complete control over the people

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    Study up on climate change and you will understand.

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