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Has anyone else realized that technically Janet Jackson has 3 self-titled albums?

Janet Jackson (Full name)

Damita Jo (Middle Name(s))

Janet. (First name)

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    Each one has a different meaning and I love that.

    Janet Jackson- presenting her to the public

    janet.- Is a raw look into Janet as a person without her popular last name

    Damita Jo- a look into the fun and sensual Janet.

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    severe Voltage-- AC/DC Jimi Hendrix adventure -- Are You experienced? crimson Floyd --The Piper on the Gates of first mild Pretties for You-- Alice Cooper BQ-no longer something now even though it replaced into -- experience like Making Love-undesirable employer BQ2-i think of that's Sillily ? that's an adverb means stupid-silly, so sure

  • Uhhh Yeah.

    She's Janet... So She Can Do That.

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    Yeah technically.

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  • Yeah.

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    Yeah I do, I think it's amazing. Not too many artists can do that.

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    Yes and they're all fab, your point is?

    Source(s): Michael jackson <3er
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    yes i do

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