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Where can I find accurate Global Temperature studies?

Some atmospheric studies within the past 2 years claim global temperatures are rising. Others says they're decreasing.

Most recent studies of the ocean support an increase in temperature. Still, some deny it.

Which studies are most accurate...



Update 2:

Any studies...

From both points of view

Update 3:

Dana 1981- By saying "Some atmospheric studies within the past 2 years claim global temperatures are rising. Others says they're decreasing" I was referring to studies published within the past two years. Many of the studies I was referencing analyzed global data since from 1950 through 2009.

Sorry, I didn't phrase that accurately.

Great links.

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    There is an outstanding summary of the situation in December 18 SCIENCE, free download


    That’s … sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/326/5960/1646

    Presidential Address:

    Reflections On: Our Planet and Its Life, Origins, and Futures

    James J. McCarthy, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography at Harvard University

    An outstanding, well-referenced, review of the situation. It’s all there; history of the global warming concept, role of solar fluctuations, the actual temperature record with ranking of years, the extent to which predictions since 1995 have been justified and indeed amplified by events.

    And where that's taking us.

    For the 2,000-year record, see




    The National Academies Press has released a book (free online) discussing the climate for the past 2000 years, and how well we know it: Tree rings, ice cores, error bars, the lot:





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    2 years is way too short of a time period to say anything meaningful about global temperatures. That's like saying it was hotter yesterday than it was today, so global temperatures are decreasing.

    The link below has NASA's global temperatures. It's probably the most accurate data set.

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    Nowhere. The leaked emails from East Anglia showed so-called scientists falsified data for decades to make the case for man-made warming. Since the data has been falsified there is no proper way to do legitimate projections.

    One of the leaked emails complained that it was a "shame" that the climate was cooling and they couldn't explain it. Some people just don't care about the truth.

  • Well I don't think we should trust people saying the temperatures are rising anymore since they recently caught a man making the temperatures look like they are rising when they are not just so people believe this big Global Warming scam.

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    in the 1090's it was (the atmosphere I mean) heating up slowly with warmer winters. now the last whole decade it has gradually been cooling off. snow all the way to the gulf of mexico and florida. the global warming deal is overwith and now it is global cooling, but the powers that be are slow to switch gears about anything.

    this is my own opinion from studying long term temp charts, and info about the earth in general.

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    I think we are cooling, Global Warming hoax is over pretty much.

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    A good place to start is NOAA.gov. Good luck with your research.

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