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What are some war crimes committed by Japan during WW2?

Just wondering I know they did the Nanking Massacre and Human experimentation but what else did they do during WW2 that were war crimes

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    Bataan Death March. My Great-Uncle died in this march.

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    Heres some of Japanese War Crimes

    "Black Christmas", Hong Kong, December 25, 1941

    On the day of the British surrender of Hong Kong to the Japanese, Japanese soldiers also terrorised the local population by murdering many, raping an estimated 10,000 women, and looting.

    Bataan Death March, Philippines, 1942

    Prisoners of war were beaten randomly and denied food and water for several days. Those who fell behind were executed through various means: shot, beheaded or bayoneted.

    Operation Sankō

    Crime of genocide, Crimes against humanity (Extermination of civilians)

    more than 2.7 million" civilians were killed in this operation that began in May 1942.

    Laha massacre, 1942

    After the battle Battle of Ambon, more than 300 Australian and Dutch prisoners of war were chosen at random and summarily executed

    Alexandra Hospital massacre, Battle of Singapore,

    February 14, Japanese soldiers approached Alexandra Barracks Hospital. Although no resistance was offered, some of them shot or bayoneted staff members and patients. The remaining staff and patients were murdered over the next two days

    Sook Ching Massacre, 1942

    The massacre (estimated at 25,000-50,000) was a systematic extermination of perceived hostile elements among the Chinese in Singapore by the Japanese

    Manila Massacre

    100,000 Filipino citizens of Manila

    Unit 731

    During this biological and chemical weapons' program over 10,000 were experimented on without anesthetic and as many as 200,000 died throughout China.

    Unit Ei 1644

    Unit 1644 conducted tests to determine human susceptibility to a variety of harmful stimuli ranging from infectious diseases to poison gas. It was the largest germ experimentation center in China. Unit 1644 regularly carried out human vivisections as well as infecting humans with cholera, typhus, and bubonic plague.

    "Death Railway" Burma-Thai Railway

    The estimated total number of civilian labourers and POWs who died during construction is about 160,000.

    Comfort Women

    Up to around 200,000 women were forced to work in Japanese military brothels.


    More than 10 million Chinese civilians were mobilized by the Imperial Japanese Army for slave labor.

    Kaimingye germ weapon attack

    bubonic plague attacks.

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    The Japanese government owned a section of a railroad by South Manchuria. Their soldiers blew up a section of it and blamed it on Chinese nationalists. This occured in 1931. Following this incident, Japanese forces moved into neighbouring China through its colony of Korea and the Liaodong Penisula into Southern Manchuria. A puppet government to the liking of the Japanese government was implaced and in 1937 a full scale invasion on China took place.

    The United States blamed Japan for the incident of the bombing of the railroad tracks by the South Manchurian city in China. Japan withdrew from the League of Nations on February 24th,1933 because it was blamed by the United States for the activities surrounding Manchuria prior to and during the attack. Eventually, the Japanese occupied China and bombarded the American port of Pearl Harbour on December 7th,1941, entering the United States into the war.

    The Japanese would later occupy French Indo-China-Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Manila, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines, Guadalcanal,Solomon islands and Singapore.

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    One of the worst single instances of war crimes committed by Japan was the Bataan Death March where they marched tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers hundreds of miles to prison camps. They were starved, many were injured and sick, many had no shoes or coats in the winter time. Anyone who fell down was shot, bayoneted or decapitated. Only half of the men made it. My uncle was one of them.

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    The Bataan death march. Japan committed brutal murders and inhumane treatment against the U.S. soldiers and their phillipine counterparts when they invaded the phillipines.

    After the U.S. army surrendered and were forced to march 60 miles without food or water. it was common place for soldiers who fell behind to be executed or japanese driving by with vehicles to whip out their sword and behead soldiers who were marching. When they reached their destination they were kept in tight quarters in camps and deprived of food, medicines etc until a rescue was mounted by the allies.

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    Which one of the 57 States do You live in that You cannot look it up. If You area liberal, No more.

    Erick. I looked at Your list to see if there was any that I do not remember. Thanks for refreshing My memory.

    If the USA can be blamed for Japan starting the war. It would be The liberals running this Country. Progressives if You like.

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    Bataan Death March

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    all the things Germany did 10 fold!

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    USA dragged them to war by making many embargo's to Japan, they also made other countries sign embargo against japan, Japan wasn't have any other chance than a war.

    It can't be compared with what USA did to them in return. Bombing cities with only civilians to end the war can't be forgived.

    -güzel soru.

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    *GASP* Oh I thought the US was the only country that committed war crimes!!!!

    (uh, yeah that was sarcasm)

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