Who does naruto like?

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Who does he like and who likes him
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Naruto likes Sakura but she likes Sasuke.
Hinata likes Naruto but Naruto doesn't realize that until she tells him she loves him.
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  • JJ answered 4 years ago
    Hinata likes him.
    He likes Sakura but i think over time is decreases...
    if you are a yaoi fan, then he likes Sasuke
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  • *~*YuYu*~* answered 4 years ago
    i hope it's hinata! <3
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  • Desire answered 4 years ago
    In the first Naruto (not Naruto shippuden) and even the BEGINNING of Shippuden he liked Sakura but he was never in love with her I think it was a fling. Hinata loves Naruto even since they were young. In the Shippuden now... I don't think he actually likes a specific person. I HOPE Naruto and Hinata together (because it's clear Sakura still loves Sasuke and could never show that loyalty to Naruto) but since Naruto is so naive I really don't know who he would choose.
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  • Jamie Green answered 4 years ago
    Naruto has been indefinitely portrayed as having feelings for Sakura. But lately these feelings haven't been shown as strong or recently been coming out. With Hinata's confession it's possible something may have happened in the sidelines and the manga overlooked it for later for suspense and drama. Sakura is showing signs of affection for Naruto but it is still unclear what exactly her feelings for Sasuke or Naruto are at the moment especially with the unveiling of the manga chapter 482. Personally i think Naruto and Hinata would be the best match for each other especially considering the changes Naruto is going through(acting, fighting, looking and thinking cool). But history suggest otherwise e.g. what color was his mothers hair? Sakuras hair? Notice how alike the mother of Naruot and Hinata and Sakura are alike. Do a little research. You might be suprised.


    My SuperCool Psychologically enhanced fact processing brain
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  • monkey D dhika answered 4 years ago
    :)in comic number 47 hinata declared his love to naruto but naruto no response then stick by hinata in pain but fortunately non-taxable part of a vital and that's where the drama of love hinata and naruto in the start. naruto like he likes ramen noodle style "henge no jutsu ' and he likes sakura but sakura likes sasuke. naruto will marry hinata at the end of the story "naruto" but let them marry cherry flavored die because naruto senang.susuke.; kalo g pake english understand Indonesian. give me the best ya...di komik nomer 47 hinata menyatakan cinta nya ke naruto tapi naruto tak ada respon lalu hinata di tusuk oleh pain tapi untungnya tdk kena bagian vital dan dari situlah drama cinta hinata dan naruto di start .naruto suka mie ramen dia suka jurus "henge no jutsu" dan dia suka sakura tapi sakura suka sasuke . naruto akan menikah dengan hinata di akhir cerita "naruto" tapi sakura membiarkan mereka menikah dengan rasa senang.susuke mati karena naruto.; kalo g ngerti bahasa inggris pake bahasa indonesia.


    www.photobucket/naruto loves hinata/pics.com
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    he likes sakura

    Hinata likes him

    he ends up with Hinata

    because sakura likes sasuke

    but sasuke turns evil

    so she is alone
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