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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionSoap Operas · 1 decade ago

GH: Robin and JJ Question?

Isn't funny how Robin being super teeny tiny and young looking has never been a problem for fans but yet JJ looking young is hard for fans to believe him as a cop, father and dating Elizabeth?

Robin hasn't changed since she was a kid. Her face is still the same to me and I've never had a problem believing her as a doctor or even as a mother. But many fans and myself included, can't get past JJ and have trouble really seeing him in his role.

Taking the story and JJ's past history on GH out of the equation, say you were doing the screen testing for the role of Lucky, who is to play a cop, father, Luke and Laura's son, etc., would you have picked him? Do you think and Becky look well matched on screen?

Next, answer the same for Robin. Would you choose Robin for the role of a doctor, wife, mother and daughter of two spies?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well fans find it hard to accept JJ as Lucky cause he does look young. And Kimberly Mcculin is older probably. We are used to seeing Robin on GH all these years, except when she was gone to Paris or wherever she went to for a period of time. Robin was never replaed by any other actresses unlike the character of Lucky. And after Jonathan Jackson had taken a 10 yr absence, there have been other guys playing Lucky that were older then Jonathan, especially since Greg Vaunge took over the roll until he was let go since JJ came back.

    If JJ hadn't had a beard and sideburns he'd still look like a teen and would still look like a teen even though he is 28.

    If I was to pick someone to play Lucky, Yes I would,ut only as a teen. I'd have someone else like Greg play Lucky. When I first saw Greg I had to warm up to him as Lucky especially when he had his affair with Maxie and doing drugs. I could never picture Jonathan Jackson do the stuff that Greg did as Lucky, especially since Jonathan Jackson is a Christian.

    Now as for Robin, I can't see anyone else playing her.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When Robin came back from Paris as a doctor I had to laugh. She still looked like a little girl. But in a short while I got used to her as an adult and a doctor. JJ is a different story. He always was the one and only Lucky to me. I never really accepted the other actors as Lucky. I don't care how young he looks because he IS Lucky and that's what Lucky looks like. Seeing the old clips again you can see how perfectly matched they looked when they were younger. It's only JJ having been gone and seeing Liz with older actors that makes them seem less suited now.

    True, if I were casting the roles fresh now I would probably choose older-looking actors for both, but they're our Robin and Lucky, so they're just right.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think that I can see BOTH Robin & Lucky as adults.......but part of that reason is because we have seen them them "grow up" as these characters they ARE Robin & Lucky (even though we have seen other actors they never fit as well)

    As far as Lucky & Liz matching on screen..........absolutely, they are Lucky & Liz. They are the couple that fans fell in love with.

    It would be so hard to see other people play Robin (just as it was hard for other Luckys) because these characters are what they have made them! They have played the kid/teen & have grown into the characters they are now.

    I think the main problem with JJ is that new viewers do not have the same connection to years of watching them become the characters.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Robin looks older than JJ. And even though you can look at both of them as children and they both still look almost exactly the same, we've had Robin longer. So even if people did think she looked too young, they're over it now. Just like how I thought JJ looked too young, and Dante looked to old when they first came on, I don't really care anymore because I'm used to them and now it's normal.

    I think Rebecca Herbst was better with GV than she was with JJ, but to be fair, JJ's Lucky and Elizabeth haven't even had the chance to be a real couple, because when JJ came in, Elizabeth was already cheating on Lucky with Nikolas.

    I wouldn't choose either of them for those roles because based on their parents, they don't quite match up. They both look like do-gooders.

    But I love them both. :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very true! I think that JJ and Liz are well matched, especially if you watched them before. She looks very young as well, he looks a little younger and he is in real life but not by much. I think Robin should explore all sides of her family history, that would be fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I would cast both of them if I screen testing. JJ's performances of late should show anyone watching that he is not a boy "boy" could pull off those scenes! Also, he has undeniable chemistry with Luke.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi Nicole,

    The song played for Robin and Patrick is "Cloud 9" by JJ Farris. Unfortunately, this song is ABC owned, and not available to the public. =(

    The previous time this song was played for them, it was sung by JJ, but yesterdays show had a female singing it... I'm not finding anything on who that was. If I find it, I will follow up with you asap! =)

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