what is tally charts used for?

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    Tally charts are used to organize and display data. A tally chart is a table that shows how many times each value appears.

    A method of counting frequencies, according to some classification, in a set of data. One line on a sheet of paper is assigned to each category or number, in the case of a discrete random variable, or class, in the case of grouped data. The data set is then worked through, and each item is represented by a vertical stroke on the corresponding line. For ease of counting, every fifth observation is represented by a diagonal line crossing the previous four to make a five-barred gate. Tally charts are often used with grouped observations.

    Tally chart. The chart is a tally of the eruption times of *Old Faithful on 1 August 1978. Note the five-barred gate that makes counting the last row easy.

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    The number of tally strokes in the tally column is relative to the given boundaries (i.e. 5-9). For example, the second box reads 2 as the frequency.

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