warm up exercises

i need some warm up exercises examples

with pictures and the advantages of the exercises

i need about 4 - 5 examples thxxxxx


with the reference web please=)

thx very much

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    Warm up exercises

    1. Loosening up

    Advantages: reduces the potential

    for injury while exercising, and they also prepare the joints and


    Step 1

    Stand with your

    legs hip-width apart, knees relaxed, upper body lifted through spine,

    and shoulders relaxed. Start with your arms down at the sides. Inhale

    as you lift your arms to the side.


    Step 2

    Continue inhaling and lift your arms up over your head. Exhale and replace arms to starting position. Repeat for 4 times.


    Step 3

    Inhale as you lift

    your arms to the side and up over your head. Hold the abdominal muscles

    in and tilt the pelvic girdle upward. Clasp hands and round your back

    slightly to elongate the spine. Keep arms in line with your ears. Relax

    the shoulders and exhale as you return to starting position. Repeat for

    4 times.Step 4

    Roll your shoulders back 8 times and forward 8 times. Turn your head to the right and left.


    Full Body Warm-Up

    Advantages: increase muscle core temperature and prepare the joints and muscles for the movement to come later

    2. Easy march

    Start an easy march in place to increase blood circulation and lift the body core temperature. Repeat for 3 sets of 8 counts.


    3, Arm swing


    extend each leg forward from your hip socket and touch heel to the

    floor, bending supporting leg at the knee, as you swing your arms

    rhythmically from side to side. Repeat for 3 sets of 8 counts.


    4. Lift knees


    lift each knee as you raise your arms and reach toward the ceiling.

    Lift from the hip socket, keeping spine lifted and abdominals held in

    tight. Keep your weight centered into your hips over your heels. Reach

    one arm up and over to lengthen the waistline and back. Repeat for 3

    sets of 8 counts..


    5. Easy jog

    Advanced exercisers

    can move into an easy jog in place. Always keep your body in alignment

    and roll through the ball and heel of your foot. Bend your knees to

    absorb the shock of the impact. Intermediate and beginning exercisers

    can continue with an easy march. Continue for 1 to 3 minutes.


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